2012 | A Year in Costume

Monday, December 31, 2012

5 things I know for sure: 

1. Color is my coffee…my crack…my COMPULSION
I crave ROYGBIV like an addict on incline. It’s no wonder my girls are aptly called “Skittles”…Taste the rainbow, chug it down, and dish it out honey!

2. You know how Coco says before you leave the house, take off one accessory?
I say pile ‘em on peeps!
I would much rather be the old woman who brunches with ALL her bijoux than one whom only rejoices in bingo.

3. I see the world through print and pattern.
Like a kaleidoscope of repetition, I find it best applied when mixed and matched. Stripes and spots, flowers and dots, that’s what makes the world go ‘round.

4. The devil is in the DETAILS.
Dress, design, décor…he shows up in mysterious ways. My most memorable looks are the ones that work angles from tip to toe. NEVER forget- that’s what sets YOU apart from the masses. Effort, my loves! 

5. “You will succeed because most people are lazy.” 
With that said….here's to making moves and breaking rules in 2013!!! 
Go, go, goooooo….It’s ON!!! 

Cheers to a fabulous new year my loves!!!!!

Spread the Peace. 
Share the Love. 
Live Out LOUD!!! 

Happy 2013 y'all!!! 


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  1. Love this post!!! So inspirational!! i love your style, you work every single outfit!!


  2. I just loved your posts of 2012! Great style and beautifull shoots!

    Wishing you a fun, fulfilling and fabulous 2013!

    May it bring you much happiness, love and success!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


    www. rock-and-roses.blogspot.ro

  3. Julie,
    Such great pics! I love your fun, fearless sense of fashion. Thanks for finding me this year. I have enjoyed following along your fun personality ever since, and I look forward to more great posts in 2013. The very best to you in the New Year!!


  4. This post made me giggle :) Your outfits are so colorful and fun! Keep rocking your immense collection of jewelry in 2012 :D x

  5. Love this post :) You have some AMAZING pieces. Thanks for the comment on my blog, too! It was so nice.

    xo Ashley

  6. I love your style! I can't believe I didn't find your blog sooner!(: Stop by my blog sometime!<3

    xx, Shirley

  7. Awesome post, you look like you belong in a magazine spread with your impeccable styling! Great to know you had an awesome year! Hope this ones gonna be great too! :)

  8. Wow you look simply stunning! I adore your blazer.

  9. All of your outfits are amazing! I would just love to raid your closet. Everything is so lively!


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