7 Days of Decorating | Day 6

Saturday, December 01, 2012

|Setting the Table| 

Traditional holiday gatherings gotcha down? 
Why not throw a beach-themed seaside dinner party instead this year? 

Here's how ya do it!
Purchase a bag of raw seashells, DIY candle wax along with matching wicks, and metallic spray paint from your local craft store. Start by painting the shells in mixed metals of gold and silver, heat the wax until it melts and fill the dried shells with the liquid, and wait overnight for it to harden. Dress over a patterned cloth runner and style with painted driftwood for a look that’s just as relaxed as it is luxe. 

If you're decorating mainly with neutrals and metallics, add a pop of color to the tablescape with monochromatic hues. Here, turquoise ornaments in varying textures add a touch of jewel tone to a nautical-inspired centerpiece of coral and glass. 

Keep it simple with floating candles in a large, low vessel that mimic the shapes found in your existing seaside decor...or collect raw shells and group them in glass vessels along with your existing decor. Play around with the displays until you get just the *right* amount of beachy keen. 

images 1-2, 3, 4, 5, 6-7

Like spending your holidays in a far off exotic locale, so haute! 
What "untraditional" Christmas theme intrigues you most? 
Country? City? Seaside??? 

Tune in tomorrow for the last day of my 7 Days of Decorating for some FABULOUS giveaways to complete your holiday party plans!!! 

You won't wanna miss this one!!! 
Happy Saturday y'all! 


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  1. Great pictures, very inspiring !!
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  2. Love these great table ideas!!! Almost makes me want to have a party:)

  3. Great photos, great details! Thanks for your comment. Your blog is amazing! :D


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  5. you have such a beautiful blog and great taste!! love all the ideas! just found you and now following :) would love for you to follow back :)


  6. Oh wow, I'm loving this post and your blog too! x

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