Scenes from a Spring-Inspired Baby Shower

Having been trained in hospitality design all these years, I’ve grown quite accustomed to months upon months of developing interior spaces to meet their fullest potential. It often takes years to complete an entire project so when opportunities arise to design mini-events like birthday parties and baby showers for my gal pals, I often delight at the chance and dare to dream BIG! A few measly weeks of planning sure beats years in the making y’all!

Haute Shop | Area | Houston

Finally home from Houston but far from settled into my normal routine. It’s funny what you deem your “new” normal nowadays after back-to-back trips, peppered in with some crazy client scheduling, and a mini weekend getaway to Mammoth tomorrow that I still haven’t packed for. I don’t even know why I attempt to unpack these days…best if you just pre-pack some suitcases for surf and sun, one for snow, and of course the obligatory Vegas with the girls valises. Although that one would be an itty-bitty carry-on if you catch my drift ;D hehe

Food Porn Friday | Houston Eats

Been running around H-town like a mad woman trying to design and style a 4500 s.f. house in 5 friggin' days...all the while stuffing my face with everything from yummy crawfish boils to dim sum and then some...from super chic lunchtime eateries to beignets and barbeques galore...and that was just the first 2 days. Phew! 

Holla if you Heart Me!

Happy Valentine’s Day hunnies!!!
I’m off in a bit on an impromptu trip to Houston…haven’t seen my aunties and uncles in ages and really dying for some QT with my besty...all the while working my little bun off to stage a home or two.

In the Mood For Love...

How I'd love to take a road trip up the Pac Coast with my honey and check into some romantic Hongkongese hotel straight outta a movie scene (yes, I'm aware they don't exist 'round here...San Fran Chinatown maybe???)...lush Oriental sheets, a chic little chignon, and a sexy 50's shift to romp around in after-hours...

Food Porn Friday | The Playground | DTSA

More like a carnivore's paradise than the local foodie's playground if you ask me. Ordered one of everything on the menu and at one point, all the dishes started to taste the same. Good if you're into gamey meats since they lack the gamey taste, not so great if you're trying to distinguish the trout from the torchon. 

Trend Spotting | Dark Walls

With Valentine's Day only a week away, why not plan an extended staycation and lounge around with your sweetie in a super sleek and sexy space. Take a cue from what's haute and happening in the world of design and cozy up when the lights go down and there's nobody around. Nothing says "come hither" like inky walls, velvet loveseats, and flickering candlelight for two...

Downtown Santa Ana

It's been a minute since I've gotten a chance to post some ensemble shots. Apologies guys...foreals I've been feeling terrible about it :( . The bf and I have been working on completely opposite schedules so the difficulty in designating shoot times has grown from unpredictable to nearly impossible. Thank goodness for girls' night out where I get to spend some QT with my cuties and talk at least one of 'em into playing photog for the night (Thanks Lainey!!!). Here I am frolicking around downtown Santa Ana like my posse's on Broadway....Well, 4th and Main to be, close enough.

New and Notable | Asos Overhaul

Sale! Sale!! Sale!!!
Like music to my ears...I've really, really been trying to a good girl saving up for spontaneous vacations or better yet, saving to splurge on furniture instead of the predictable apparel impulse buys. All that strength and vigor quickly subsided upon accidentally surfing over to Asos' MAJOR Re-boot sale where they've slashed prices of up to 70% off major designers such as See by Chloe, Halston Heritage, Sam Edelman, Free Peeps (to name a few of the 850 labels they carry), and of course their ubiquitous Asos house label.

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