Scenes from a Spring-Inspired Baby Shower

Having been trained in hospitality design all these years, I’ve grown quite accustomed to months upon months of developing interior spaces to meet their fullest potential. It often takes years to complete an entire project so when opportunities arise to design mini-events like birthday parties and baby showers for my gal pals, I often delight at the chance and dare to dream BIG! A few measly weeks of planning sure beats years in the making y’all!

Food Porn Friday | The Playground | DTSA

More like a carnivore's paradise than the local foodie's playground if you ask me. Ordered one of everything on the menu and at one point, all the dishes started to taste the same. Good if you're into gamey meats since they lack the gamey taste, not so great if you're trying to distinguish the trout from the torchon. 

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