Food Porn Friday | Café Hiro | Cypress

The number one question I ALWAYS get asked about Food Porn Friday is: “Do you eat everything you post?” Uh-duh! I would never post anything I don’t try myself, otherwise how can I tell if it’s good enough to feature on the bloggy? You should see some of the stuff that DOESN’T make it on here…aww, man you’d seriously feel sorry for me and all that upchucking. 

Trend Spotting | Watercolor

I was literally DYING to use these watercolor prints from Black Crow studios to paper this project that I was working on (below); Alas, TV time does not quite convene with “real” time so we had to nix the look altogether and come up with an appropriate substitute for the 24 hours we were allotted to makeover the entire home. Can you imagine though? 

Hippie Chic

Whew! What a crazy whirlwind of a week!
After commuting over 150 miles for 5 days to this little side gig in the Valley, I can now say that that was one helluva project and I’m sooooo glad it’s over! The daily grind was pure torture save for the fact that it was all done in good faith. I’d like to think I’m really on the cusp of my “next big break” y’all! Hahahahha kidding peeps. I don’t mean to be so elusive about what I’ve been up to lately, I’m just not too sure how much information I’m allowed to divulge about impending projects on the board, especially when I’m under contract. 

Food Porn Friday | Tagine | Beverly Hills

Tagine is one of those Beverly Hills institutions where everyone wants a table but it usually takes weeks to even confirm a reservation. I’ve been DYING to try this spot out since it’s literally right around the corner from where the bf works and super convenient to drop right in for an impromptu date night. We were finally able to check it out last week with some awesome company (thx for making it out MK!) and couldn’t have been more pleased with this refined Moroccan feast. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Velvet Tangerine

The subtle draping, the blinged-out deets, that gorgeous color!...This jacket is a true testament to how modern and updated velour can truly be. Gone are the track suits of days gone by (so 90’s!), Juicy Couture has finally upped their game guys! And in my FAVE color of the year! I couldn’t be happier :D

Food Porn Friday | Capital Seafood Dim Sum | Irvine

Loving the cold front that’s slowly moving into SoCal this week…Chilly mornings often call for one of my favorite meals: Piping hot plates of crispy football pork chews, bbq buns, some chicken feet, and xiao long bao all washed down with blistering pots of fresh Chrysanthemum tea. There’s just something about dishing and dining over dim sum that reminds me of my childhood and really starts the day off just right. A little nostalgia goes a long way in my book. It's all about sense memory, right?!

Fur Like Ever

Seriously on the brink of a nervous breakdown as a result of multiple deadlines.
When it rains it friggin' pours dude.

Did I mention I’m also nursing these three little monsters back to health after surgeries, infections, and allergies, oh my!?! I can ALWAYS count on my little babies to keep the most important things in perspective…Family and furries…

NOTHING else matters. 


Trend Spotting | Spring Mix

Color, color, color!!! Can’t get enough of these haute happy hues and even though the new season doesn’t officially start for another 8 days, daylight savings sure does spell out spring to me!

Food Porn Friday | Angel's Restaurant | Mammoth Lakes

It’s been 10 whole years since I last visited Mammoth Lakes and the one memory that has stuck with me since then is Angel’s restaurant. Downhome comfort BBQ food like yo’ mama and her moms used to make in the quaintest, coziest cabin fit for 100. Almost like your neighborhood Applebee’s displaying the town’s triumphs with blue-ribbon tributes and all-star accolades. You can’t help but wanna order everything homemade from chicken pot-pie and hot scones to broiled prime-rib plus a full-stack with garlic fries…Oyummmmm I can taste the honey-buttered bread already! Take me back Jack!

Scenes from a Mammoth Mountain Escape

You know how sometimes you need a vacation to recover from another vacation? Seriously, that’s how I felt upon arriving back in Cali from Houston for a week. All I wanted to do was not think, not work, decompress, and spend some qt with my honey and my homies.

Trend Spotting | Lemon Zest

With spring fast approaching I’ve been busting out the lights and brights to cheer me up while keeping these post-winter blues at bay…A burst of citrus here, a bit of sunset there and of course some cool, calm neutrals to anchor all the fun. 

Food Porn Friday | Ava Kitchen and Whiskey Bar | Houston

What makes a restaurant/bar/lounge concept become the city’s next hotspot?? Some would say haute cuisine combined with haute décor…I say it’s a mix of something old and new, familiar and maybe even a bit bizarre. I’m quite attracted to elements that are seemingly disparate, yet blend together to make magic happen in the most unexpected ways. Meet Ava Kitchen and Whiskey Bar, Houston’s premiere hotspot in the heart of River Oaks, known as the Bev Hills of the South to locals. 

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