On Safari

This is probably the closest you’ll ever see me to rocking a suit nowadays. Wide leg trousers (preferably in linen for spring/summer), a super graphic tee (totally going tribal), a wide vintage belt (another FAB score from the Long Beach Flea), and a shrunken jacket ALWAYS does the trick. 

Food Porn Friday | 1st Annual Chef's Bet Dinner

Not only are they total foodies (yes, like the rest of y'all I'm sure), but they live and die fine dining and haute cuisine. So much in fact that the losers of superfluous amounts of random bets are left to devise, conceptualize, cook, and execute multiple course meals with wine pairings, molecular gastronomy, gold leafed desserts…the whole SHABANG!

Food Porn Friday | An ode to Ikko Sushi | Costa Mesa

One of my greatest joys of living in OC is regular trips to my FAVE sushi joint in Costa Mesa. 
Ikko’s seriously MASTER CLASS y’all. I’ve probably dined over two dozen times (first blogged HERE) and each time is a different experience than the last. With a seasonally rotating menu reflecting whatever Chef Ikko Kobayashi’s into these days, I revel at the opportunity to visit once/twice/ or even 3 times a quarter, since I SWEAR my most memorable meals were spawned out of Ikko’s freestyle kitchen and sushi bar. 

Paillettes and Lace

I snagged this little glittery vintage paillette party top from the Long Beach flea just a few Sundays ago. There she was, glistening and gleaming in the midst of a commercial garment rack jammed in between polyester pant suits and other sequin thingamajigs just waiting for someone to love her. 

Haute Khuuture turns 2 today!!!

My how time flies!
Seems like just yesterday my little baby learned to crawl; now she’s soaring up to creatively new heights and I seriously couldn’t be more proud! I owe it all to YOU, my fierce, fabulous, fantastically stylish readers from near and afar!

Artists Spotlight | Fashion Illustrators

I’ve been looking into purchasing some fashion illustrations for quite some time now, having scoured Etsy for some of my faves before committing to either one artist or a bunch of them! Opened up One King’s Lane today and lo and behold, what do I find? Yup, there she was, some of Leigh Viner’s originals in all their haute couture glory. Something about the sweeping, sinuous lines of a woman’s curves really tickles my fancy and gets my panties all in a bunch. 

Food Porn Friday | Sushi Gen | Los Angeles

I seriously need to get on Yelp y’all.
 Can’t tell ya how many times I rely on that sucker to map out my next meal.
When I’m feeling sharp hunger pains, I open the app.
When I’m on vacay, I open the app.
When I’m working in LA, en route to meet clients, or even lounging in and around my own hood, I open the app. I have such confidence in Yelp that I’ll rely solely on high star ratings without reading any reviews and happily shell out a couple hundred bucks for dinner if users say its 4.5 stars and above. Has Yelp ever done did me wrong? 

Trend Spotting | Pastel Hues

I’ve been living in bright bold jewel tones and all out glamour for the past few years…it’s nice to finally tone it down a bit and let the serenity sweep me right into a new season. Loving lavender and pink, aqua, mint, and buttercream, a confection of candy colors all bathed in the glow of natural spring light. Such soothing hues getcha dreaming of relaxing in an exotic locale far far away…anyone else have a case of the Mondays??

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