Nasty Gal

A little 60’s mod…a little Stone-Age Glam…I call this look Shagadelic-Flintstone-Rock. Totally channeling my inner Austin Powers with some creative cues from Mrs. Betty Rubble herself. Although I could imagine her workin’ this shift like we were in boogying in Bedrock instead of SoBe. Can you tell the dif?? Eh, who cares!? Rock it don’t stop it! 

Aztec on Crack

It’s no secret that I’m totally drawn to color and crazy patterns. If you’ve been following along my sartorial diary that’s this here blog, you’ll find that a) I LIVE in color and b) Black is whack! Especially during hot balmy nights when beach breezes and summer dressing call for something slinky, something sexy, and most importantly something that moves to the rhythm of Miami’s music scene y’all. In this case, it's ALWAYS Hip Hop...even on the east...West Coast 'til I DIE!

Rompin' Around

Summer rompers are seriously made for clubbing. With bright bolts of neon and a punchy party pattern, this gorgeous silk number clings and hugs in all the right spots leaving lots to the imagination. After all, clubbing in your 30’s doesn’t hold the same skimpy virtues as it did 10 years ago dude…so sad, but true! 

Food Porn Friday | Miami Eats

When you’re traveling with as many gals as I normally do, it’s most prudent to keep costs down by surveying the city’s most beloved eateries beforehand, namely local joints that cater to dining and dashing, rather than shelling out beaucoup bucks for a fancy-schmancy sit-down 5-course meal. 4 days x 3 meals could really add up so we found some South Beach hotspots sure to whet your vacation appetite as well as satiate 9 famished fiends all at under $10 a pop! Yes, these gals CRAY when they hangry, even crazier when they're fed!!! {Go figure} Come to think of it, present company included ;D

Miami Bound!!!

This time tomorrow I’ll be sunning in South Beach…cruising down Collins…clubbin’ it up…and dancing the night away. Off to Miami for the weekend to celebrate my darling Ivy’s 30th birthday where I’ll return home tanned and totally rejuvenated to tackle on my summer projects! 

Trend Spotting | Flamingo Pink

You never know when/where inspiration will strike. Sometimes all it takes is a little frilly pink flamingo to shift my creativity into overdrive. Totally itching to redo my entire studio around these flights of fancy…you think the boy will go for it??

Scenes from a Garden Party Bridal Shower

Spring is simply mahvelous this time of year in SoCal. Blue skies, birds chirping, flowers in bloom…Spent yesterday afternoon outdoors showering our gorgeous bride-to-be with a hat-themed party decked out in Sunday’s best. Peep below for highlights from yet another fashionably fabulous fête! Life is goooooood!

Food Porn Friday | A|O|C Restaurant and Wine Bar | Los Angeles

Happy Happy Friday y’all!
Hope your weekend is getting off to the most beautiful start!
I really love that LA is just a short car ride away. Living in the ‘burbs sure does have its perks when I’m frequently beckoned to the city to eat, shop, and repeat. Doesn’t hurt that the boy works smack dab in the midst of 90210, sure makes researching good eats that much sweeter when I know all the hotspots are on the west side. Today’s food porn comes courtesy of A|O|C, brainchild of Chef Suzanne Goin and Sommelier Caroline Styne, both of Lucques fame. 

Seaside Celebration

Mayday! Mayday! Event season is in FULL EFFECT y’all! 
It’s this same time every year that the invites start rollin’ in and I start ballin’ out yo!
Translation: Stock a closet full of bright and bold accessories and garb since you never know what you might need at any given time. 

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