#JKID Event | Rockin' Hula Baby Shower Luau

From certified interior designer to expert event planner to bonafide baby shower specialist…Oman, the life and times of the consummate creative-type who wears many, many hats. This month, it’s party planning professional y'all. When you’ve got pitch perfect sunny SoCal weather pretty much every month out of the year, it’s especially festive to throw these events outdoors where lush greenery and vast landscape blend in to become a part of your décor. 

Coastal Living

Its days like these that I long to live by the beach. Summer fun means running on the sand, frolicking with my pups, drop top cruising down PCH…ahhhh totally nostalgic having grown up in Huntington Beach during my “definitive” years. The years I took for granted in adolescence, yet have been dreaming about every day since moving back to the ‘burbs. I figure if I can’t move back to the beach, best if I just bring it to closer to me. Lucite furniture, check! Outdoors> indoor, check! Cool, calm color story, check! Can’t you just smell the salty sea air??

Scenes from a Ninh Nguyen Fashion Show

Parisian born, Texas bred, and now a bonafide New Yorker…my friend Ninh Nguyen came into town to debut a sneak preview for his Fall 2012 men’s collection. With a pedigree rivaling all the who’s who in the New York fashion scene, Ninh’s arrival caused quite a stir out at Anqi last Friday night. 

Day Glo

Neon and I sure are having one helluva summer fling. I call this look “Highlighter Happy.” Add one part shocking pink, one part faux-leather pleather, a dash of metallic and you’ve got yourself a working uniform to transition right into the scorching months ahead. Luckily, SoCal’s still got a bit of the June gloom so my obnoxious knit doesn’t seem too insufferable in this breezy weather. Dude, can we just fast forward to fall already?! 

Food Porn Friday | Bo De Tinh Tam Chay | Westminster

I spent most of the 90’s not eating meat. Beef, poultry, fish, and seafood…totally wiped it out of my system fearing that I’d gain weight after heavy consumption during my teenage years. The irony is that 12-19 was literally considered my “fat phase”. Go figure, man. When all that’s left to gorge on was pasta, cheese, rice and repeat, I don’t know what else I’d expect. 

Trend Spotting | Wild Horses

Lean and stout, grounded, yet founded on such a bohemian vibe …there’s something about horses that echo a sentiment I’d like to relish in all summer long. Oh to be wild and reckless with not a care in the world, we're all just modern day gypsies searching for divine inspiration aren't we??

Food Porn Friday | Habana Brunch | Costa Mesa

Habana’s been featured before but it’s that good it gets an encore post. This time I spent a lovely SoCal afternoon feasting on pretty much everything on the menu during a lazy Sunday brunch. This is why I lalalalalLOVE Orange County this time of year…alfresco dining, coastal breezes, soaking in the sun, noshing and gossiping with my besties...

Blue Suede

I’ve been on a shopping ban for what seems like eons now. I spend so much time and effort sourcing for clients it almost feels a chore to go out and squander anything on myself. Until a recent quickie jaunt to the fateful land of Forever 21 stripped me of starvation as I succumbed to these blue suede beauties I’m sure to be living in all season. 

Pushing Petals

Florals have been my go-to pattern as of late…something about those pretty little petals that get me in a slap-happy mood. Double ‘em up and I’m prancing about the playground like a toddler again. Love how itty bitty blooms awaken the part of me that’s dying for some summer fun! Let the good times roll honey! 

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