Food Porn Friday | Ink. | Los Angeles

Boy are y’all in for quite a treat. I’m seriously salivating as I sit to reflect on one of those perfect LA meals where your tummy is dancing with joy as your wallet is swimming in sorrow. Yeah dude, Melrose eats don’t come cheap these days, but that’s what you get for stepping into the sanctuary of my all-time FAVE Top Chef winner to date. Michael Voltaggio (one half of the famed bros) opened INK in West Hollywood late last year and I couldn’t wait to taste test why Bravo deems him the baddest mutha’ of the bunch. Don’t know what it is about those ridiculously arrogant, culinary geniuses on the telly (Yes, Anthony Bourdain I’m talkin’ to you too)…gets me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. *Le sigh* It’s true what they say; the way to a woman’s heart is clearly through her stomach. Peep it out below and tell me you’re not convinced of M.Volt’s brilliance by the time you get to the Burrata. Friggin’ AMAZEBALLZZZZZZZ! 

How to Set a Summer Table

It’s officially birthday week y’all! Tons of super fun shindigs in the works, but first…I’ve been clearing out the backyard for a little intimate gathering come Saturday so I’m hoping to have our fête look a little something like this: 

Food Porn Friday | The Iron Press | Costa Mesa

Sometimes a new restaurant opens in town, generates quite the buzz, but ultimately requires just a bit of time to refine. With a promising concept, super cool vibe, and an altogether scrumptious menu, the Iron Press is one of those hip happenin’ OC joints (from the creators of California Shabu-Shabu) where waffles are their claim-to-fame (think Bruxie’s) and everyone here knows your name. 

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