Food Porn Friday | Bleu Restaurant | Westminster

We’re FINALLY back with some Food Porn y’all!!! Whoohoooooo are you just excited as I to get your Friday started off right?? Scrumptious eats and a stupendous appetite…my recipe for the perfect loooooong holiday weekend! I’ve blogged about this local mainstay HERE before, but with new management, a new direction on their casual, comfortable French- Vietnamese cuisine, and a possible new image in the works (sshhhh don’t spill the beans!) Bleu Restaurant and nightclub is quietly creeping straight up my rotating hit list of local faves. Here’s what’s on the menu today: 

Polka Dots and Peplum

Happy Monday y’all!
Now that I’m over all the hotel hoopla, its back to the daily grind with casual days spent shopping at my favorite local design gem: South Coast Collection aka SOCO. The primo destination for retail, creative studios, boutiques, artisan food, gourmet coffee and more! 

#JKID Project | Pasadena Boutique Hotel | Before and After

Who doesn’t love a good transformation?
The very reason why we tune into daytime talk shows especially when they’re featuring some sort of makeover…The very reason why HGTV’s on the top of my hit list…and why DIY network’s very close behind…From a complete gut renovation to some major architectural detailing…Here’s how I transformed a once outdated inn from super stale to fashionably FAB

Why Decorate?

 It’s been quite a hectic week over here with the final reveal of this hotel project. I’m still working on putting together a proper before/after post to prove to y’all that yes, I am an ACTUAL interior designer. No fluffing pillows, no bed in a bag, no rearranging empty vases in every nook and cranny. 100% certified. 100% legit…Although I’m quite notorious for throwing in life lessons on the fly. ‘Cuz that’s what we do over here at Julie Khuu Interior Design…You purchase a design package, I throw in some free therapy. Who doesn’t love a GREAT deal?

TGIF y’all! 
Sorry no food porn today…been so busy working I almost forgot to eat! ;D

p.s. Did you happen to catch my feature on Desire to Inspire's MEGAblog yesterday??? Eeeeeekkkkk!!! So excited to be featured amongst some heavy hitters in the industry! Can you say #overwhelmed??? Dude I LOVE my job! BIG THANKS to Kim and Jo for the blog love!


#JKID Project | Pasadena Boutique Hotel | The Reveal

Hospitality design truly has my heart and soul. Though I may wander through commercial, nightclubs, bar, and high-end residential, I will never waver from the one that initially got me hooked. My first professional job right after grad was with a 4-5 star resort hotel firm designing international venues around the world. Having been trained to detail everything from concept to installation, from public areas to private guestrooms, from drafting in CAD to specifying in fixtures and furnishings, I always yearn for that ONE project to come along and sweep me off my feet as a reminder of WHY I really love this game. It’s the challenge y’all. And this one was no easy feat. 

Food Porn Friday | The Vol. 94 | Pasadena

I roll with so many peeps that group dining almost always steers us in the direction of tapas.
Love the idea of sharing every dish between bottomless glasses of wine; Small bites of something savory followed by a mouthful of something sweet. Or vice versa depending on how you swing. That way you’re able to get an overall idea of what the establishment has to offer without sacrificing multiple dining trips just to do so. The Vol 94 in downtown Pasadena not only satiated the range of palettes we brought in with 16 ravenous mouths, Joon Kim, owner/operator was even on hand to shower us with personalized attention as we ate our way through his concept of a Korean/French feast. Innovative dishes served in such a swanky intimate setting, if I lived nearby, the Vol 94 would definitely TOP my list of rotating faves. Here’s what’s on the menu today y’all: 

Rosy Outlook

Ohhhhhhh the life and times of a certified interior designer.
Spent the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on a hotel renovation that I’ve been working on for the past year…YIKES! Not quite as long as when I used to design the whole shabang (friggin' 3+ years!) but not merely as momentary as when I’m improving on existing spaces. Decided to invite the posse up to Pasadena for the final reveal and I couldn’t be happier with the reaction, or the outcome! 

Food Porn Friday | Eat Chow | Costa Mesa

Brunch has ALWAYS been my favorite meal of the day. What’s better than noshing on greasy griddle faves, sippin’ on bottomless champeezy, while gossiping with a group of your gorgeous girlfriends under the warmth of the SoCal sun? I swear nothing beats a morning spread of eggs, bacon, French toast, burgers, carbs and melted cheese! 

Be Seduced

I’ve had this dress for years. Part of the Be Seduced Luxe Holiday collection circa 2006 I believe. Every time I rock it (only once before) I feel like a Christmas decoration complete with bells and whistles jingle-jangling on the eve of some spectacular event. This event just happened to be a summer wedding but who says you can’t work holiday ornaments year ‘round, right? 

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