#JKID Project | Pasadena Boutique Hotel | Before and After

Who doesn’t love a good transformation?
The very reason why we tune into daytime talk shows especially when they’re featuring some sort of makeover…The very reason why HGTV’s on the top of my hit list…and why DIY network’s very close behind…From a complete gut renovation to some major architectural detailing…Here’s how I transformed a once outdated inn from super stale to fashionably FAB

#JKID Project | Pasadena Boutique Hotel | The Reveal

Hospitality design truly has my heart and soul. Though I may wander through commercial, nightclubs, bar, and high-end residential, I will never waver from the one that initially got me hooked. My first professional job right after grad was with a 4-5 star resort hotel firm designing international venues around the world. Having been trained to detail everything from concept to installation, from public areas to private guestrooms, from drafting in CAD to specifying in fixtures and furnishings, I always yearn for that ONE project to come along and sweep me off my feet as a reminder of WHY I really love this game. It’s the challenge y’all. And this one was no easy feat. 

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