The Book of Mormon

Have y’all seen it? Or are you really more interested in what I’m wearing out to date night? Yup, that’s what I thought ;D Nothing screams dinner and a musical more than a crushed velvet smoking jacket in the most gorgeous shade of deep indigo. 

Food Porn Friday | Pizzeria Mozza | Mozza 2 Go

Trying to figure out what to eat for a quickie Friday meal? How’s about some quickie curbside pizza courtesy of none other than Mozza 2 Go!?! Sometimes you simply crave gourmet ingredients without all the fancy-schmancy hoopla like silverware and china. I mean, its only pizza y’all. I’ll sacrifice the spectacle of in-house dining for takeout any day, granted none of the flavors are lost in transport. 

Modern Romance

Sometimes a gal just wants to dress up in frills and thrills without obvious feminine traces of ruffles and lace. But sometimes the combination slaps you in the face with such haute-worthy design elements; you can’t help but melt at the sight of a gorgeously crafted garment that was really MADE for your petite body type.

Haute Shop | Zara Home

I’m sure by now y’all have had a chance to peruse Zara’s home store that recently launched in the U.S. I can’t quite tell what the quality is like judging from the images, but a previous 2010 trip to visit their Barcelona shops proved to be so compelling I almost purchased over $1000 worth of merchandise to carry on home. I eventually convinced myself that Zara would be shipping to the states in no time so I left the goods behind and have been mourning the loss ever since then. 

Fashion Star

As much as I count Nicole Richie as one of my fashion icons, I’ll admit I have NEVER seen an episode of Fashion Star. But after having acquired this gorgeous little frock for the church portion of Panda’s wedding, I’m now a TOTAL fan of the show. 

Food Porn Friday | San Francisco Eats | Part I

I used to dream of living by the bay. The weather, the scene, the culture, the cuisine, there’s something so mysterious about a city constantly blanketed in fog. It’s a new experience every time I visit and this trip proved to reveal all the ten thousand and one reasons why I left my heart in San Francisco. Well, my heart and my appetite y’all…same ish, different beat, right? 

Trend Spotting | Geometrics

Statement-making graphics are sure to be one of Fall 2012’s top trending design ideas.
If rocking head-to-toe pattern’s clearly NOT your thing, try a dosage of the look in decoration and décor. 

San Francisco Photo Diary

The beauty of Cali truly is the topography.
Where on any given hour-long plane ride you can relax on a tropical beach, heli-ski down a treacherous mountain, sip vino on a hillside vineyard, or simply take in all a city’s culinary adventures only stopping for snacks in between meals. Yes, traveling with my BOL beauties is like escaping from the bottommost pit of your stomach and the only way out is to eat your way to the top. 

Food Porn Friday | Umami Burger | Costa Mesa

I am by no means a burger and fries kinda gal. But slap some aged truffle, stinky bleu cheese, and caramelized onions on that baby and all of a sudden I’m writhing atop a Phantom Rolls Royce, bikini-clad with ketchup dripping from my chin doing my very best Paris Hilton impersonation. Oh yes honey, that’s exactly how I felt with my first bite into the juicy goodness that is their namesake Umami Burger. We were able to sample at least half the menu with our large party but somehow only the Umami one stuck. Here’s why: 

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