2013 | Year in Review

2013 was one of those years that I dreaded going in. From Chinese astrology I knew the year of the Water Snake would be one of the most difficult years in transition for the Monkey. And boy, were the signs right on point.

A Very DIY Christmas

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have my high school besties by my side since…well, high school :D Back then we were quite the over-achievers having bonded since ASB, Girl’s League, honor society, AP classes, sports leagues, and after-school shenanigans filled our precious pre-adulthood time with plenty of laughs and stories to last our lifetime. (Which, mind you, we constantly re-tell again and again to our mildy amused other halves, anyone else guilty of that? hahah). 

Balls to the Wall

Something about kiddy birthdays that makes me wanna don a blinged-out tiara, pink ruffles, and twirl around while doing my best princess impersonation.

Scenes from a Racy Lacy Xmas Soirée

Happy Holladays from my darling Skittles to you and yours! Every year we take it upon ourselves to glam up our get-togethers with a dazzling dress code fit for an oh-so-sexy Xmas. Black leather and delicate lace, some demure, others daring, a high-fashion mix that depicts my girls to a T! 

Menswear, My Way

It’s tough to go ballz out girly glam when the temperatures have been hitting below 70’s in SoCal (YIKES! Yes, we are quite spoiled ‘round here); so I’ve been playing around with some of my favorite menswear inspired items straight from the closet.

Food Porn Friday | Little Sparrow | DTSA

Happy Friday dahlings!!! 
Hope everyone’s stuffing their face full of Thanksgiving fixin’s all weekend long! 
I had planned on dedicating a holiday post from yesterday’s feast; however upon seeing my entire FB wall filled to the brim with turkey, stuffing, sides, and mo’ I’m foregoing the obvious and bringing to you instead one of the hottest new restaurants trending in OC today: Little Sparrow in downtown Santa Ana. 

#JKID Project | Renovation Report

Happy November my loves!!! 
Thank you all for tuning in while I’ve been on hiatus for most of October. As you all know I’ve spent the last 4 months renovating all 1900+sf of my Mom’s old dilapidated 60’s style ranch house into the contemporary stunna you’ll be seeing on the blog for the rest of the month.

Haute Halloween

Happy Halloween lovers! 
Hope y’all celebrate a super spooktacular high-fashion holiday dressed in ghoulish glam decadence topped with bloody red lips!

Ladies Who Lunch

I know my life may seem like an endless flurry of brunches, luncheons, and social gatherings galore, but I swear I really DO run a full-time design business when I’m not in the midst of Bolsa’s high societies. We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the St. Regis Hotel and Resort in Monarch Beach celebrating October birthdays for my darling BOL beauties.

Food Porn Friday | Boiling Point | Irvine

Flu season in full effect y’all! Been fighting this nasty cough/cold/congestion combo with nary an appetite to sustain my abating energy…booooo. Thus I’ve been completely lacking in the posting department; apologies are an order my loves!!! But what I’m come to realize is that nothing satiates a weak and wilted tummy like a boiling hot pot of super spicy soup filled with LOADS of protein, veggies, and noodles to last for days. 

All the Leaves are Brown...

As Fall is fast approaching, I’m reminded of the bountiful inspiration that surrounds me. Cloaking myself with sumptuous layers of scarves and sweaters…romanticizing the boudoir with fur and fancy bits…All the while soaking in the stillness of it all after one of the MOST hectic summers I’m endured to date.

The New Romantics | New York Fashion Week

Ending another gorgeously feminine spring 2014 season with my go-to’s from the bunch: The New Romantics! With Delpozo as the newbie (to me) and Zac Posen’s show as my HANDS-DOWN favorite of yet another showstopping fashion week, the runways were flowing with fresh and focused designs of color and patterns and textures, oh my! 

Food Porn Friday | Castagna | Portland

Le bf was so jealous of my Chicago food frenzy with the girls that I just had to oblige to his incessant whining with a Chef’s tasting experience of our very own. We even postponed our anniversary dinner to celebrate in Portland hoping to hunt down New American cuisine indicative of what the Pacific Northwest is trending towards nowadays. Enter Castagna, a modern and minimalist local gem featuring an edited array of fresh organic ingredients appealing both to our sophisticated palate while showcasing an indisputable sense of place.

Scenes from a Summer Vineyard Wedding

I met my darling Trammy-Poo in Portland the summer of 2001.
 Fast forward some 12 years later and what started out as a slow, gradual friendship quickly cultivated into a sisterly bond that’s surprised us both throughout the years. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve argued, we’ve agreed, we’ve partied ‘til the wee hours of the morn, and we’ve grown to accept that we really can’t party like that now in our *gasp* old age. We’ve seen one another through highs and lows, through failed relationships and growing pains. Writing this now I’m elated to announce that we’ve come full circle to celebrate my besty’s wedding as she’s finally found the ONE! 

Portland Photo Diary

I haven’t been back to Portland in a minute since living there over a decade ago. I truly love that the city has vibrant grass roots dating back to the discovery of the Oregon Trail. Miles and miles of endless forest greens stretch beyond the rivers, over the mountains, and through the woods.

Food Porn Friday | Graham Elliot | Chicago

It’s not often I track down 2-Michelin star restaurants when dining on vacay so this super short trip to Chicago last week was made that much sweeter by the visit to Elliot’s namesake establishment in the heart of Chi-town. I’m sure many of you recognize his moniker from MasterChef, Top Chef Masters, Iron Chef, and multiple James Beard Foundation nominations, but what you probably don’t know is that Elliot garnered so much attention this year with an extra Michelin star (added to his previous 1 star in 2011 and 2012) that the restaurant even hosted an intimate birthday dinner for President Obama himself. Oh yeaaaaaah, sounds like the swanky kind of joint I’m totally into!

En Français

I’ve been living in a hotel for over 5 weeks now since THIS happened causing the entire contents of my home (family included) to be evacuated. I’m really trying my hardest to stay positive amidst all the chaos, but it’s been crazy TOUGH with a slew of clients requiring my time, loved ones clawing for attention, and a social calendar that demands my presence day-by-day.

Nude Beach

Currently enjoying a beautiful gloomy August day in what is typically reserved for super-duper sun-on-sun summer in SoCal. Seems everyone everywhere is missing just a bit of our fair weather season so in the meantime, check out BDBA’s summer catalog that’s making waves around every haute fashionista’s heart.

Chicago Photo Diary

Super short trip to Chi-town with my loves exploring the city's best sites, eats, and nightlife. 72 hours is not nearly enough time to take it all in but enough for me to know that I’ll DEFINITELY be back for more….ahhhhh this windy city has certainly swept me off my feet <3

Food Porn Friday | Masa Sushi | Costa Mesa

Summer in SoCal signals the time when errbody and their mamas are on the beach body/pool party/ social shindigs special diet. Upping workouts from thrice weekly to at least 5 times per is the typical average we push ourselves to seasonally. This also translates to sashimi at least once a week with le bf who’s on such a sushi kick you’d swear he’s a fisherman by trade with all the fresh catch that we consume. A bit burdening on the wallet, but completely slimming on the waistline…eh, I’m not complaining one bit! Thanks bf, you’re the BEST! 

Chaos in K-town

Happy Monday hunnies! 
Time to take on another CRAZY week of moving and mayhem, from OC to LA and everywhere in between…But first things first: A few snippets from my month-long birthday celebration with my ride-or-DIE chicks, my sistas from another mista, my Skittle-wittles! Here’s what went down in the heart of Ktown y’all!

Food Porn Friday | Gaam Restaurant and Lounge | Los Angeles

Couldn't have asked for a better Ktown spot to celebrate my birthday with my besties and inhale sake shots like it was my last dying breaths. All the better when happy hour starts after 4pm and EVERYTHING (liquor, appetizers, plates, bottles) I mean everything is 50% off the menu price. 20 mouths, 40 dishes, and $30 a pop later, birthday girl was down for the count. I'd say that was a pretty successful meal, don't cha think? ;D

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