A Tale of Two Lamps

I’m not one to collect shot glasses or promotional T-shirts or even postcards on vacay. The types of souvenirs that speak to me comes courtesy of local antique stores and thrift shops throughout town. Although Park City is a total mountain resort, I was able to hunt down a second-hand Christian shop no larger than your average master bedroom. 


It was Musubi’s first trip to the snow, but truth be told I initially didn’t want to take her. I mean who takes their pup on vacation anyways, right? Alas, daddy won the battle and the baby got to enjoy frolicking in the cold winter snow decked out in her hot pink layers.

Cozy and Rustic

Even though the holidays are long gone and the decorations stashed aside, I’m itching to hibernate in a cozy and rustic cabin just like this to pretend Xmas is just days away. 

Food Porn Friday | The Corner | Huntington Beach

I grew up in Huntington Beach, surf city USA;
Home of tanned/toned bodies, long blonde locks and TONS of new American eateries. I can recall the most scrumptious Mom-and-Pop shops serving up some delicious low-cal, SoCal cuisine of made-to-order deli sandwiches, Cajun-style-broasted chicken, some Chicago-style ribs, and even a general store or two which stocked so much retro candy you’d think time warped back to the 50’s. 

Sundance Bound!

This time next week I’ll be snowboarding down the slopes of Utah’s most celebrated resorts, celeb-watching all the indie darlings (and possible movie stars, oh yeah Ryan Gosling, I’m lookin’ at you!!), dining-a-deux by warm fires, and hopefully partying it up into the wee hours of the morn. I’ve been DYING to partake in ParkCity’s annual Sundance Film Festival all my life and now FINALLY getting the chance to do so. Here is the MAIN reason why: 

Blinging in the New Year

Almost forgot I had these! Found my trusty point-and-shoot hidden underneath a pile of unsorted jewelry and jackets and wattya know…Proof that I'm partying like its 1999 all over again. 

Food Porn Friday | Duck House | Monterey Park

Happy New Year hunnies!!! 

What better way to kick start 2013 than with loads of delectable, greasy, wok-fired Chinese cuisine courtesy of Duck House in Monterey Park?!?!! Notorious for the BEST Peking duck in town, Duck House’s claim-to-fame traditional roasted Peking duck features thinly sliced house pancakes, fresh shredded scallions and cold-as-ice cucumbers served with house-made hoisin sauce. 

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