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Monday, February 18, 2013

It’s been nonstop work action since coming back from Sundance so a day off is a total rarity these days. And a TOTAL treat when SoCal finds time to make way for blue skies, birds chirping, and full-on fun in the sun. Spent last Saturday with my gorgeous girls soaking up the rays and stopping in to check out the newest eatery on the Belmont Shore block. Yup, CaliforniaShabu Shabu is FINALLY open in the LBC y’all! For those who don’t shabs- check out this link and let ‘em know I sent ya! Numbers don't lie honey! ;D

{From top to bottom}

*Transitional spring dressing calls for day glamour with maxi's and my FAVE vintage sunnies- bringing the 70's back with a vengeance!!!..."Cal" Shabu for short- hipster heaven indeed :D...Gotta get a full length shot of course!...Industrial chic decor- loving those honeycomb pendant lamps!...Bar seating in Belmont...Love the exposed sprinkler handles- perfect to hang your coats during wintertime...My loves!...Full on alkie menu coming soon...The spread, half salmon/half beef...Their pickled veggie selection is ON POINT, now only if the other shab locations could take note...A cubbie for your phone and keys- INGENIOUS!...Udon soup for dessert...Lychee and strawberry ice cream for dessert after dessert :D...My geisha pose! hahahahah*

Hope your week's getting off to the most productive start lovers!
I've got work on the brain and a new column in the works so stay tuned!!!

Coming Soon:
"Pro tips from the PRO!"

Yup- that's me in case you're wondering :D
I get soooooo many daily inquiries regarding remodeling/renovations/sourcing/furniture/fixtures/finishes/
design/decor/fashion/styling, best to address them ALL here on the blog for you to LIVE.OUT.LOUD!!!

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, who's with me??!!?!
Details to follow this week my darlings!!!
Thanks for reading!


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  1. You look so cute! I agree! Share your secrets sistah!

    Pink Carnations

  2. Looks like you all had the BESSST time!!!! And you and all your friends are soooo fashionable and coool!!! Those 70's glasses ROCK our WORLD!!! Love ya Julie!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. Isn't California awesome! LOVE sunny winter days!

  4. You look really amazing dear :)

    p.s. I really love the dress that I won from your giveaway <3 Thank you very much ^^


  5. I bet you and your girls had fun catching up! I like how you styled the maxi with the long cardigan and oversized sunglasses you look very cool & effortless.

  6. omg ! such amazing dress


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