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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I’ve been rocking these boots NONSTOP y’all! All day, every day! She meets clients, she schleps samples ‘round town, she shops from OC to LA then back again, she even goes to Lakers games y’all. I swear there’s nothing my Marrakech boots can’t do and that’s why you MUST own a pair! Bonus points for that itty bitty heel that helps lil’ ol’ me grow a pair. Of inches that is ;D

Top: c/o Style Mint
Bag: Gifted (Thanks Mare! similar HERE)

...on another note...
Happy Valentine's Day lovers!!!

Check out these super sweet Vday cards that you can send to all your FB friends HERE
courtesy of the Pink and Pepper family!

Pink and Pepper is also running a Valentine's Day contest, #LOVEIT or #LOVE2HATE Tweet Pink&Pepper for a chance to win FREE shoes!!!

Which side of the fence are you on???
As pour moi? 
I'm a lover, not a hater baby <3 <3 <3


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  1. those boots are pretty cute!

  2. Hey Julie! Love that tweed jacket.. Love the warm colors.. xo!

  3. Super cute! I'd be wearing them all the time too!

  4. I love the boots and especially love the jacket! xx Pip


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