Year of the Snake

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chúc mừng năm mới! Cung Hy Fat Choi! Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!! 

Born and raised Buddhist, I spent many-a-childhood Sundays attending temple, first for Vietnamese school then later in my teens to develop my spirituality. What started out as a mere weekly ritual quickly developed into a mystical fervor that’s intensified as the years went on. Sadly, life goes by and somehow I’ve forgotten what it means to be one with nature. To take momentary breaths perfectly in sync with my surroundings. To develop awareness and a sense of self that can never be found by simply looking into my reflection. 

Not to get all emo on y’all but that’s precisely why I lovelovelove Chinese New Year’s. A second chance to make new New Year’s resolutions (I never consider 1/1 the start…gives me more time to think of really good ones :D)…a second chance at starting fresh…and a second chance at second chances. Here’s to the rebirth of that spiritual side that’s been suppressed when life moves too fast and you forget to get off.

Yup, that’s what the Year of the Snake is all about hunnies: Slow and methodical, steady, and calculating. Definitely NOT the year to make hasty decisions or lose focus along the way. It’s ALL about discipline in the year of the water snake and I plan on proving just that. Now if only I could re-create this gorgeously grand hillside temple right in my own backyard…why, enlightenment would be two hops and a skip away. How divine!

*Hands to heart center*

Cheers to making 2013 The Year of the Snake your BEST one yet!!!


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  1. Such a beautiful collection of photo's. You look adorable! Enjoy all the celebrations of Chinese New Year!

    xx Mandi

  2. Happy New Year to you! Love these photos and you look absolutely lovely. We also celebrated with tons of food and wine with family.

  3. You look adorable!!! Love the scarf

    Happy CNY


  4. happy chinese new year. wish this year more greater than the other year. i always love when chinese new year coming. love the food. even im a muslim. hehe.

  5. You look so cute, I love the oxblood sweater and these photos!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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