#JKID Project | I Spy DIY | Campaign Dresser

Another one of my late-night Craigslisting adventures…sometimes yields junk on top of trash on top of scraps piled amongst rubble. But every so often I manage to unearth a diamond in the rough like this gorgeous campaign-style dresser complete with all original hardware and even a pull-out tray table to boot.

#JKID Concept | My KTown Apartment

===>Insert sad face here :(

My stress level has been at the ultimate high juggling multiple clients, various projects, designing and furnishing a move for 2 different studios, not to mention trying to pretend I have some form of a social life where I show up half-awake with a tiny semblance of functionality. Phew!!! It’s been a total clusterf*ck in my camp so I’m more than ELATED to share that I’m nearly past the hump!!! 

Blush and Bordeaux

Happy new month of March my loves!!!
Spent last weekend attending my darling Rose’s wedding in Balboa Peninsula by the bay. Such an amazing outdoor setting with light beach breezes and palm trees galore all punctuated by the sunny SoCal weather we’ve been getting for the last few weeks. 

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