Bronze Age

I like to start my Mondays off with some crazy color to fake feeling like a mack truck just hit me. And no I don’t mean the makeup. But every gal does need a little bronzer and maybe even some blue suede shorts to combat club nights in LA. Dancing ‘til the break of dawn used to be my idea of the perfect Saturday night…now it’s baked Cheetos and a new release on Blu-ray. Hot damn, this is 30 y’all.

Food Porn Friday | Dueling Italians | Huntington Beach

No, that’s not the name of the restaurant sillies; it’s what I like to call Battle of the Bolognese: Huntington Beach Edition! I not every day I eat haute cuisine, sometimes I crave super simple Americanized Italian dishes like Olive Garden used to make. Can’t quite call myself the queen of food porn if all I’m serving up is endless salads and breadsticks, ya know??

Parisian Pied-à-Terre

The dream was to always have a little quaint pied-à-terre not far from my country cottage in Provence and literally footsteps from the bustling Marais district in the heart of Paris. Pre-war architectural moldings reminiscent of Versailles but upstyled to reflect a super contemporary aesthetic…Mirrors and gilding to highlight the most gorgeous objets d’art…and of course in the midst of it all, the home away from home in the city of light and romance….

Happy Birthday Haute Khuuture!!!

Oh my little baby’s alllll grown up! Today marks the 3 year anniversary of when my blog was born…3 years since she first took her fashion-forward steps….3 years of many blogging mistakes, mishaps, trials, and tribulations….3 years of decorating/designing/styling my way through the world, 1 boring beige wall at a time…and 3 friggin’ years of food porn up the wazooooo!

Color me Wonderful

Can you believe this time next week Haute Khuuture will celebrate her 3 year anniversary??? Seriously, time flies sooooooooo fast when you’re surrounded by beautiful interiors and inspired fashions!

Trend Spotting | Asian Invasion

Happy April my dahlings! 
Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend for those of you who celebrated! I spent my long weekend on the snowy slopes of Mammoth (so relaxing!) but more on that later this week.

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