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Monday, May 06, 2013

Do you ever spot super stylish girls about town and wished you had their long hair or their sky-high heels or that gorgeously quilted Chanel draped over their fabulously bronzed shoulders as you pathetically gaze down at your tattered jeans and beat up Chuck Taylors???
  Well that’s how I felt as I perused Domaine Home’s new domestic dot com and painstakingly drove a knife in my heart as I am DYING, literally DYING over the entire look!!! I want everything they have and oman the goodies are too friggin’ good to be true! The sofas, the consoles, the artwork, oh my!!! Like I’ve died and gone to designer heaven!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve ogled home mags tip-to-toe (ahem, Domino I’m lookin’ at you!) and now that Domaine Home’s bangin’ out inspired abodes day-after-day (sometimes a few updated posts per day, score!) I can finally rest my tired eyes off the pinterest screens of yesteryear and breathe an elongated sigh of relief as I am assured that home blogs are continuing on the rise y’all!

Each look more promising than the last, yet everything I never knew I ALWAYS wanted! That’s how you gauge the good designs from the GREAT my friends. Do you want, need, LUST after it all?? If yes, you’ve come to the right place lovers. The BEST thing about Domaine? 

You can shop their looks like a polyvore set gone postal with everything from home goods to the latest power drills right down to the nuts and bolts. Check it out HERE and don’t blame me if your wallet gets screwed honey ;D

Any good home sites on your radar???
Love finding out the latest, please share!

Happy Monday my loves!
Hope your week's getting off to the most inspired start!


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  1. Great pictures xx

  2. OMg, I love the purple dining room chairs! Love these pics and I am in the total period of where I admire women's long locks because I'm in the process of growing mine out! :) xx Pip

  3. that painting is just awesome >.<

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  4. Amazing pictures!!!!!

    Please vote for Pashionality on :
    Thanks a lot for the support !

  5. Thanx for sharing this pics.. i love them all.. :)

  6. i loveeeee this! soo super cooool!


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