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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This glamour gal’s got MAD style in spades yo! 
Have you caught Jessica Marx’s home on Glitter Guide lately? Check out the basic fundamentals of living the boho-Hollywood rockstar style and see if your décor measures up honey (just in case it doesn’t use this post as handy-dandy shopping guide). Here’s what’s up:

1. Can’t commit to color? 
Start with a super minimal black and white palette and load up on the layers. Shaggy Morrocan rug here, a super slick hi-gloss lacquered fireplace there. It’s all about the mix of soft and hard, matte and shiny. Contrast makes every space that much more dynamic.

2. Brass and gold (and a bit of metal mixing) is essential in every haute regency space. 
Here the ram’s head coffee table is the star! The organic curved horns are so au courant and makes a statement all in itself. Splashes of brass trays, trimmings, fixtures, and furniture can help elevate the space to SUPER glam-glam! Seriously DYING over those cross-legged dining chairs! 
Effing C-H-I-C!

3. If a black-on-black-on-black bed’s not the ultimate way to make magic happen in the boudoir I don’t know what is! Love how Jessica’s allowed the black headboard and nightstand to play a supporting role while the bedding shines front row and center. I’ve always loved the gorgeous shaggy blinged-out texture of a Moroccan wedding blanket; genius move with the wall-to-wall blackened drapery against all white walls. Perfect solution if you’re a renter!

4. Even her little vignettes are brilliantly styled. 
 You really get a glimpse into Jessica's personal style by what she chooses to display. Rows of elegant nail polishes lined up like only Coco would parade herself…coordinating baubles of dub-CC’s for every fashionista to envy…and did I mention that dazzling inlaid-bone dresser that’s been on the very TOP of my design hitlist for almost a decade now??? Oman, gotta land me one honkin’ project to save up for that stunna! Here’s hoping my next celebrity client will make that happen ;D

Check out Jessica’s opulent pad in its entirety on Glitter Guide HERE.

Hope your week’s off to the most splendid start my loves! 

Day 1 of our demo starts NOW so I’ll be back with news and updates once I’m settled in my new home a.k.a hotel living. Oh joy.


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  1. Great pictures and very inspiring decor!!!


  2. Very cool...and I love the shoes!


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