Europe at a Glance

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I’m currently at the art-sourcing phase of my LA apt design and ransacking my archives for some landscape photography taken back in 2010 when le bf and I visited Barcelona and Paris. Never a fan of full-blown couple pix where we’re posing or cuddling or even worse yet kissing, I’m definitely leaning towards old world architecture and more photo-journalistic images that will take us back to some of the best moments shared together in our lives.

Looking back at all these photos sure does stimulate a severe case of wanderlust...
I swear I need a vacation!! 
Where’s everyone jettin’ off to this summer? 

Do tell, I may just steal your itinerary ;D

Happy Thursday loves!


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  1. Beautiful pictures! You sound like you have the coolest job ever. Congratulations! :)

  2. We just came back from a 8-day West Mediterranean cruise plus 4 days in Barcelona. If you like cruising I'd recommend Norwegian Epic.


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