Trend Spotting | Black Circle Skirts

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brought to you by some of my fave bloggers straight from the streets of New York Fashion Week.

I love how they managed to pull off the cropped look while maintaining an haute air of sophisticated innocence.

 Jenny in Zara

Trick-of-the-trade: Nothing screams high fashion like all black errthang so before you rush to your nearest e-tailer to swipe this season’s hottest skirt, be sure to coordinate with an itty-bitty ebony top to go with.

 Shea in Cameo

 Aimee in H&M

Bonus points for not looking like a twerked-up teeny bopper like some peeps we know. Some trends are fit for the streets, others for the stage, can you guess where Miss Miley would rock this ensemble? Happy Hump Day lovers! T-minus 1 week until I'm back in the hizzo! Oman, I'm suffering from a BAAAAAAD case of cabin fever! Who else here has been holed-up in hotel living for over 3 months??? 

Tales from my survival guide coming up soon! 
You won't wanna miss it!


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  1. I love the circle skirts! They're adorable. Oh, and that actually makes a great idea for a DIY post - thanks for inspiration! ♥


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