Scenes from Sin City | Bachelorette Bash Edition Part I

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Seems the older we get….

The HARDER we partayyyyyyyy!!!

Congratulations to our blushing bride-to-be Ivy Songkha Tran!!!
Soooo much fun livin’ it up Sin City style with my darling Skittles...meeting some new friends and getting more qt with the tried-and-true ones! I swear no one…but NO ONE takes over LV like Bolsa! You know how we do!

Part II continues tomorrow at the hottest pool party in town!
Oyes, Encore Beach Club is where it’s at hunnies- you won’t wanna miss the debauchery!
If you think this is partying, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!

THANK YOU so much for hangin' in there with me my loves!
FINALLY getting situated back in my suped-up pad and I must say...
Happy Hump Day hunnies!
Hope everyone's staying dry out there!


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  1. Oh my goodness, this looks like SUCH a blast! I love that pink dress on you!


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