2013 | Year in Review

2013 was one of those years that I dreaded going in. From Chinese astrology I knew the year of the Water Snake would be one of the most difficult years in transition for the Monkey. And boy, were the signs right on point.

A Very DIY Christmas

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have my high school besties by my side since…well, high school :D Back then we were quite the over-achievers having bonded since ASB, Girl’s League, honor society, AP classes, sports leagues, and after-school shenanigans filled our precious pre-adulthood time with plenty of laughs and stories to last our lifetime. (Which, mind you, we constantly re-tell again and again to our mildy amused other halves, anyone else guilty of that? hahah). 

Scenes from a Racy Lacy Xmas Soirée

Happy Holladays from my darling Skittles to you and yours! Every year we take it upon ourselves to glam up our get-togethers with a dazzling dress code fit for an oh-so-sexy Xmas. Black leather and delicate lace, some demure, others daring, a high-fashion mix that depicts my girls to a T! 

Menswear, My Way

It’s tough to go ballz out girly glam when the temperatures have been hitting below 70’s in SoCal (YIKES! Yes, we are quite spoiled ‘round here); so I’ve been playing around with some of my favorite menswear inspired items straight from the closet.

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