Food Porn Friday | Sugarfish | DTLA

One of the pure joys of living in a new city is discovering notable eateries to try out in town. What makes the discovery even more delightful is being able to share good eats with great friends that you don’t typically spend time with because of distance, scheduling, etc, etc. This particular couple’s dinner took us to the heart of downtown LA (a mere detour from both our place and their work, love it when that happens!) where we hobnobbed with locals looking for the freshest catch of the day: Sugarfish Sushi. What transpired after the initial first impression (low level lighting makes for über-romantique setting) was nothing short of AMAZING…and those who know me knows I RARELY say that about sushi.

Home Tour | Jacqui Getty

While perusing my archives for a jolt of divine inspiration I came across Jacqui Getty’s LA abode for which I aptly filed under “The Perfect Apartment.” It’s days like these while I’m suffocating under a blanket of designer’s block that I’m most grateful for this cold/cough combo that relegates me to the comforts of my computer. How else would I be able to sort through thousands of home tours, décor, and decoration to unearth the one space that excites me still??

Food Porn Friday | Ink | Los Angeles

Don’t ya just hate it when your return visit to a previously LOVED eatery yields less than desired results? When the cuisine was initially sooooo that you advertised it as such and rounded up the entire posse for a night on the town, only to be met with satisfactory service and a hastened supper? With a super packed Saturday night crowd and a kitchen bursting at the seams I felt rushed to finish my $100+ meal when all I really wanted to do was relax and enjoy the spread. Eh, at least the presentation was still right on point.

#JKID Event | Scenes from a Hollywood-themed Baby Shower

She’s a big-time Emmy-winning entertainment sports producer, he’s a huge action hero movie star, together they are bonafide Hollywood A-listers whom just happen to be my near and dear friends. So it was only fitting that we shower Annie and Robin's baby-on-the-way with a megawatt celebration fit for the new upcoming star in their lives- Baby Brandon!

Food Porn Friday | 555 East American Steakhouse | Long Beach

555 East reminds me of an upscale Ruth's Chris' with their piping hot buttery plates of steak and the ubiquitous wine chambers that line just about every vertical wall surface. The vibe: Jazz lounge club where much older cigar-smoking gentlemen hit on 30-something hotties (present company included) with a cocktail and a business card. Oman I can still smell the seniors even amongst all that garlic butter! Although I'm a TOTAL Mastro's gal myself, it's always nice to get out of the Bolsa bubble for a change of pace and scenery. 

Mystery Dinner

I seriously CANNOT wait to start throwing dinner parties at my LA pad. My dream guest list would read like a veritable who’s who of the 3 things I hold dearest to my heart: Food (Anthony Bourdain!), Fashion (DVF!), and Design (Ms. Wearstler herself who created this killer tablescape for her own imaginary fête). It’s just a damn shame that I’ve been wayyyy too busy with clients to even start catering to myself. Wahhhhhhh!!! Designers’ dilemma y’all: Every professional I know puts him/herself last. Sound familiar, anyone?

Trend Spotting | A Case for Coral

When I was a little girl I used to exclaim with flashy exuberance that my favorite color was RED!!! To most peeps red signifies a garish and often ostentatious existence, like you’re trying too hard to really stand out. Be it with apparel and accessories, décor or design, red tends to overpower everything it comes into contact with.

Food Porn Friday | Cucina Enoteca | Irvine

I generally lead a very low-carb lifestyle. Not one to crave pasta or rice or even bread and potato fixin’s; (Now my sweet tooth is a whole ‘notha story entirely!) But when I do get a chance to sample some of the Cucinas that have been popping up all over SoCal, my natural inclination towards Italian food (having taste-tested my way through Florence-Venice-Milan back in the day) yields the usual blah/bland/bleh reaction knowing full well that you CANNOT beat Italian cuisine coming straight from the motherland. Ever. However upon hearing that every Orange Coaster I know has been stampeding to Cucina Enoteca in groves, I knew my dining fadventures were just about to begin my friends.

The Great Gatsby

In theaters this Friday…anyone just as slap-happy as I am to ogle the dress/design/décor??? Haven’t been this set-cited since Carrie and the girls high-tailed their haute behinds to Morocco in Sex and the City 2! 

Domaine Home

Do you ever spot super stylish girls about town and wished you had their long hair or their sky-high heels or that gorgeously quilted Chanel draped over their fabulously bronzed shoulders as you pathetically gaze down at your tattered jeans and beat up Chuck Taylors???

Food Porn Friday | The Bar at the Bazaar | West Hollywood

Always a hip-happenin’ place to be on Saturday nights...The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in WeHo is usually jam-packed with the who’s who of the Hollywood elite. Or at least they think they are, present company included. hahahahah Where you can find industry types from actors and models to the behind-the-scenes teams of directors and producers discussing the latest failed film project or the next BIG thing on TV. Oh just a typical night in H.Wood.

Trend Spotting | May Flowers

Thank you everyone for entering my anniversary giveaway for a FREE pair of kicks c/o my Pink and Pepper family! Without further ado the winner is Kirsten Kimball! Congratulations doll! Please check your inbox for a message from me with further details on how to retrieve your prize :D

There’ll be many more exciting giveaways in the next few months so I’m happy to declare May the month of new awakenings!

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