#JKID Project | Bachelor Pad

I remember getting laid off from corporate in ’08 and immediately after starting my own company I was commissioned to design bachelor pad after bachelor pad. Not quite the fancy-schmancy super glam-glam direction I imagined my career would turn into; however you take what you can get. Years later, with a handful of experience under my belt I’m back at it again since this time the potential client found me from designing another bachelor loft in the same apartment complex! 

Dip- Dyed

While June gloom’s been rearing it’s dreary head in these SoCal parts, I’m taking full advantage of all my transitional stylings until the weather gods summon up summer in here dude.

Pajama Party

The Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan is easily one of my FAVE all-time hotels. 
High up on my design Richter scale for equal parts decadence and panache. The rich royal blue walls coupled with sumptuous crimson velvet upholstery seriously screams FABULOUS in a nouveau baroque manner.

Scenes from a Little Rascal-themed Baby Shower

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!! 
Not to sing my sad sob story but I spent mine packing, unpacking, carting, and basically living in complete chaos. So last week (literally hours before throwing my gf’s baby shower) my house flooded. Yup, you read that right: 3 hours-worth of nasty sewer water all up in my family home before anyone woke to catch wind of it. Can you imagine waking up to 4 inches of soaking wet tile, furniture, shoes, carpet, clothes, cabinets and list goes on and on???

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