Chicago Photo Diary

Super short trip to Chi-town with my loves exploring the city's best sites, eats, and nightlife. 72 hours is not nearly enough time to take it all in but enough for me to know that I’ll DEFINITELY be back for more….ahhhhh this windy city has certainly swept me off my feet <3

Food Porn Friday | Masa Sushi | Costa Mesa

Summer in SoCal signals the time when errbody and their mamas are on the beach body/pool party/ social shindigs special diet. Upping workouts from thrice weekly to at least 5 times per is the typical average we push ourselves to seasonally. This also translates to sashimi at least once a week with le bf who’s on such a sushi kick you’d swear he’s a fisherman by trade with all the fresh catch that we consume. A bit burdening on the wallet, but completely slimming on the waistline…eh, I’m not complaining one bit! Thanks bf, you’re the BEST! 

Chaos in K-town

Happy Monday hunnies! 
Time to take on another CRAZY week of moving and mayhem, from OC to LA and everywhere in between…But first things first: A few snippets from my month-long birthday celebration with my ride-or-DIE chicks, my sistas from another mista, my Skittle-wittles! Here’s what went down in the heart of Ktown y’all!

Food Porn Friday | Gaam Restaurant and Lounge | Los Angeles

Couldn't have asked for a better Ktown spot to celebrate my birthday with my besties and inhale sake shots like it was my last dying breaths. All the better when happy hour starts after 4pm and EVERYTHING (liquor, appetizers, plates, bottles) I mean everything is 50% off the menu price. 20 mouths, 40 dishes, and $30 a pop later, birthday girl was down for the count. I'd say that was a pretty successful meal, don't cha think? ;D

Silky Ombré

Phew!!! What a whirlwind of a birthday weekend! 
Shuffling between 4 different regions in SoCal within 4 friggin’ days is no easy feat my friends. From the mountain lakes to the beach cities, to metro downtown and back to the ‘burbs, I am seriously POOPED! But not before I spent a gorgeous Saturday evening at a wedding with my besties.

Trend Spotting | Shiny Disco Balls

It may have something to do with all the birthday celebrations I’ve got lined up through the weekend, but something about seeing super-sized shiny glittering mirrored balls perched high above that gets my panties all in a bunch.

Clean Slate

Nothing says starting over like a blank white canvas. Add strategic pops of color, gorgeously plush textures, and now you’re back in the ballgame baby. This time with a fresh outlook for a positive new beginning…isn’t it amazing how clearly you see when not surrounded by a superfluous amount of stuff??


Happy July everyone!!! 
It’s officially my birthday month which means wet days spent frolicking on the beach and long nights spent lounging by the bonfire….ahhhhh is it finally feeling like summer in your hood?

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