Haute Halloween

Happy Halloween lovers! 
Hope y’all celebrate a super spooktacular high-fashion holiday dressed in ghoulish glam decadence topped with bloody red lips!

Ladies Who Lunch

I know my life may seem like an endless flurry of brunches, luncheons, and social gatherings galore, but I swear I really DO run a full-time design business when I’m not in the midst of Bolsa’s high societies. We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the St. Regis Hotel and Resort in Monarch Beach celebrating October birthdays for my darling BOL beauties.

Food Porn Friday | Boiling Point | Irvine

Flu season in full effect y’all! Been fighting this nasty cough/cold/congestion combo with nary an appetite to sustain my abating energy…booooo. Thus I’ve been completely lacking in the posting department; apologies are an order my loves!!! But what I’m come to realize is that nothing satiates a weak and wilted tummy like a boiling hot pot of super spicy soup filled with LOADS of protein, veggies, and noodles to last for days. 

All the Leaves are Brown...

As Fall is fast approaching, I’m reminded of the bountiful inspiration that surrounds me. Cloaking myself with sumptuous layers of scarves and sweaters…romanticizing the boudoir with fur and fancy bits…All the while soaking in the stillness of it all after one of the MOST hectic summers I’m endured to date.

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