How to Organize Jewelry and Accessories

I am constantly rearranging everything that isn’t bolted down in the pad to find fresh ways to organize old faves. My growing pile of vintage and costume jewelry combined with all the little trinkets I’ve collected through the years could easily sit there collecting dust if I didn’t devise a way to put them on display. Here are my top 5 tips for organizing your accessories in a functional, yet fashionable way!

Chic Retreats | Chalet Style

Winter is HANDS DOWN my favorite season. Spending all day hitting the slopes, relaxing my muscles in a bubbling Jacuzzi, and cozying up to a warm fire in flannel PJ’s with hot chocolate in hand spells “happy place” to me.

Emerald Burst

Happy Monday my loves! If you’ve been following my instagram HERE you’ll know that I frequently rock long gowns to winter weddings. It’s something about sleek glamorous silhouettes that seem apropos for a sit-down dinner of 10-courses with bottomless toasting of bubbly in-between. Dressing for the occasion could get a bit tricky when I am merely a plus one where I’m neither friends nor family with the married couple.

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