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It’s been kinda cray here in SoCal with earthquakes and aftershocks shaking us up this past weekend starting from Friday night and barely ceasing today as we speak. It’s one of those things that you never really get used to, save for the fact that I’d rather suffer 5.1 tremors than full blown snowstorm winters on the upper East while hurricanes and typhoons sweep through the lower Coast. Yup, us Californians have our fair share of natural disasters y’all.

Design 101 | How to Plan a Design around your Space

My absolute favorite phase of design is the installation. Months of researching, shopping, and planning culminate and manifest into a space truly designed for a better way of life. It’s where a house becomes a home heightening an intrinsic awareness of living your BEST life ever.


Spent a carefree weekend holed up in my LA apt only surfacing for dinner with le bf in Los Feliz and Sunday flea market shopping with my li’l pup in tow. Something about the frenetic energy that pulsates through Los Angeles that seriously puts my creative juices on HIGH.

Trend Spotting | Agate

My mother came home one day with this huge ol’ rock that she had spent $800 on and literally had to wheel from the car just to get it into the house. The thing weighed more than I did and was supposed to ward off evil spirits and bad, negative energy as it stood on guard right by the entry door. Little did I know that this agate amethyst stone was worth over thousands after having been blessed by a feng shui master, if you believe in that sort of healing magic. Which, of course as superstitious as I am, I totally do.

Food Porn Friday | Bolsa by the Bowl | Westminster

Happy Friday hunny bunnies!!! Remember to turn up them clocks for daylight savings time come Sunday morning! Although we’re losing a precious hour of beauty sleep, can’t tell ya how excited I am to get back into my training schedule with an extra hour of sunshine bursting through them SoCal skies! Which ultimately translates to party hardy time!

How to Organize (and Style!) Your Bookshelves

With winter almost over and spring just peeking above the horizon, I wanted to take the next few days to share my TOP tips for organizing clutter and transitioning your space into a brand new season. One of the questions I get asked the most is how to maintain a beautifully efficient home amidst the chaos we call “everyday living.” It’s really quite simple and it all starts and ends with a highly sensible system of organization. Hands down the healthiest habit you can adopt starting NOW and here’s how you do it:

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Happy new month of March my loves! Hope y’all stayed productive amidst all this crazy weather lately. Spent the super rain-drenched weekend doing the usual…

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