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Monday, March 03, 2014

Happy new month of March my loves! Hope y’all stayed productive amidst all this crazy weather lately. Spent the super rain-drenched weekend doing the usual…

Running errands with le bf, meeting up with my posse for a fun-filled Game Night, and ended my Sunday with a glorious picnic atop my bedspread to chillax and watch the Oscars. Ellen was friggin’ AMAZEBALLZZZZ! Like, literally killed IT with that pizza and star-studded selfie shtick! Way to “humanize” celebs fo’sho! One of the most entertaining Oscars to date!

But on another note, follow Haute Khuuture on Instagram HERE for the latest in the dailies of an interior designer! From my before and after’s…to fashion and food porn…and most recently been saturating my feed with TONS of weekend projects to inspire your next DIY design!

Catch y’all on IG my loves!

Happy Monday
and make it a productive week!


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  1. Thanks Julie for the pic of us in the mag---just made me sooooo happy!!!!! U R the SWEEETEST!!! and soooo talented! The before and after shots of your work are stunning! You created masterpieces!
    Big hugs from us!
    xoxoBeckerman Girls



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