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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My mother came home one day with this huge ol’ rock that she had spent $800 on and literally had to wheel from the car just to get it into the house. The thing weighed more than I did and was supposed to ward off evil spirits and bad, negative energy as it stood on guard right by the entry door. Little did I know that this agate amethyst stone was worth over thousands after having been blessed by a feng shui master, if you believe in that sort of healing magic. Which, of course as superstitious as I am, I totally do.
Never one to decorate my home with anything I’m not truly connected to, I set out to find the most dazzling geodes I could find and lo’ and behold, this mineral is seriously trending y’all.

Gorgeous gold-leafed coasters found everywhere from HomeGoods, to West Elm, and TONS of sellers on Etsy...

Super-luxe bathroom wall finish by the one and only Kelly Wearstler 

Love this glamorous agate and brass chandelier by Emporium Home 

Another gorgeous shower enclosure with wall to wall book-ended agate slabs for a continuing bathing in an exotic mineral cave!

Back lit and installed on an entire fireplace facade

Agate accent lamps by Arteriors Home

I wouldn't dare set anything on this Caesarstone agate kitchen countertop...truly an art installation, love the cool blue and grey tones, so grand!


Simple, yet super chic atop a dinner table as napkin rings...hmmmm, I'm beginning to see the makings of a future DIY project as we speak!

Agate rocks y’all!

How would you use it in the home???


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  1. Agreed I totally love Agate,and that golden agate wall is swoon worthy!

  2. I've been playing with the coasters for a while now but OH how I would love a countertop!

  3. I have a agate rock in my room! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  4. Oh very beautiful pics!


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