Trend Spotting | Glam Neutrals

Oh my favorite time of the year! Finally the air is crisper, the coats have come out of hibernation, and inspiration is aplenty as I’m looking to neutrals in butterscotch and caramel for a fresh take on fall. 

#JKID Project | Bachelor Pad | The Remix

My personal design motto is to ALWAYS and ONLY buy what you loveloveLOVE! That way, in case you move, as expected in any course of life, your favorite belongings will make that transition with you and grow in the space as much as you have. No more throwing out cheap furniture that can’t make the cut. No more attempting to make pieces work that you clearly don’t have a connection with. It’s ALL about making thoughtful choices when you’re shopping to reflect not only where you are, but where you envision yourself going.

Food Porn Friday | Tinga | Los Angeles

TGIF luvahs!!! Now that I’m off the Vegas diet (finally!) I’ve been grubbin’ up and down the coast like there’s no pool parties in sight y’all! Which means lotsa fried food, lotsa cheesy fo’ sheezy, and TONS of carbs so I can hibernate all through winter! Hehe

Vegas Bound!

Ain’t no party like a Vegas party ‘cuz the Vegas party DON’T stop! Oh yeaaaaaaah! I’m off to Vegas tomorrow to celebrate my gf Teresa's bachelorette bash with 30 of the hottest hunnies to come outta SoCal wooooohooooooooo!!! Can’t friggin’ wait to raise hell before the bells with my loves! 

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