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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Please excuse the radio silence on the blog during the holidays y'all... 
There's been a lot of this...

A TON of this...

All because of this...

That I really REALLY need to unwind with this...

If you've been following Haute Khuuture for some time now, you'll know that I always say the holidays are my BUSIEST time of year. Ask any designer and they'll tell ya that clients simply DEMAND finished projects before year's end. Which means I spend countless nights up sourcing products and countless days on the field meeting vendors, overseeing construction, and shopping my tush off to find the latest and greatest in design and decoration. 

December is going to be CHOCK FULL of events dude! Namely the grand opening of a little restaurant/bar/lounge concept that I've been cooking up for the last couple of months that's SURE to knock the socks off of OC's nightlife scene (well, *here's hoping*) and the redesign of my brand new WEBSITE!!! 

Eeeeeeek!!! MAJOR things are happenin' here hunnies!
Thank you SO MUCH for understanding and I promise, promise new content, daily inspiration, and of course everyone's fave FOOD PORN FRIDAY to whet those crazy appetites! 

For daily adventures into the life of a SoCal interior designer, follow me here @julie_khuu on Instagram babes! 

On the blog this week: Scenes from a gorgeously GLAM winter wedding! Stay tuned!


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  1. Seems like you've been having lots of fun too :) December is a crazy time for me as well, but we can take some time off in January, right?

    Bella Pummarola

  2. It looks like you made the most of your holiday! I'm glad to hear it....and see it! These pictures are amazing :)

  3. You always seem to have the best of times! Awesome photos! x

    Aniekeme for TFLA

  4. OMG! stop this is all way too exciting! Congratulations on the everything that is coming up! :)

    Maggie A

  5. Awww... Well I totally understand how the holidays can get hectic! Get your work done first. :)


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