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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My profession demands that I must shop for a living. Oh the woes of scouring trade sources, décor shops, flea markets, online websites (the list goes on and on) to find the latest and greatest in everything design.

One may think that it’s the BEST job in the world (which, btw it truly is); however there is WAYYY too much sensory overload and the most difficult part of the job is editing it all down. I’ve been known to fall in love with random finishes and sometimes even end up specifying them wall-to-wall for a dramatic visual effect. 

1/ 2/ 3

Enter my current crush: Burl wood. The random grain with small dark knots is inherit in every finish, ranging from rich caramel hues to warm honey ones in this species of walnut. You can really develop an entire design scheme around singular pieces of burled furniture and watch the entire space come alive. 

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The mark of a truly versatile finish is its ability to blend in with any period or style. I love it layered in an eclectic bohemian space, but burl is just as fabulous with modern chrome accents or even a black and moody bedroom. 

7/ 8/ 9

Can you imagine this burled wood island in the midst of a glamorous black and white kitch? 
Oh be still my heart! 


Some gals splurge on shoes and bags, it’s all about building materials for this babe, lol. 
What do you think of the finish? 
Is this something you would source for your own home? 


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  1. I like it. The finish looks great. Visit my blog for a chance to WIN a pair of vintage sunglasses.

    Eye See Euphoria :

  2. I think it adds a splash of elegance to each piece. Love it! Shopping for a living definitely sounds like fun....but I think it would be really difficult as well. So much to look at and choose from. Yikes!

  3. That BURL is gorgeous!!! I used to think it was bird's eye maple!!! LOVE the texture, the colour and the knots in it! AMAZING!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. Obsessed with these interior decor! Who knew BURL wood is so glamorous? Those blue and white vases are gorgeous. I love antiquing and obsessed with thee photos!

    Fashion | Travel | Food
    Jo from

    You can find me on Facebook for more regular updates:

  5. Gorgeous pieces! Great inspiration!

  6. I would definitely consider this finish for my own home, it looks very pretty and versatile! :)

    Bella Pummarola

  7. I LOVES me some burl wood! Thank you for featuring one of my designs. ;-D


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