Pajama Dressing in Hong Kong

With temperatures reaching the high 80’s and a humidity level that’s indicative of tropical regions, I knew dressing for my China trip would be no easy feat. Of course made easier by my ULTIMATE packing list (here) but I still can’t predict the weather gods y’all. 

Top Packing Tips and ULTIMATE Travel Checklist

I am the self-professed Queen of organizing y’all. From my closet, to the bedroom, the studio, and beyond, I’ve got systems on top of systems to check and balance this brain into a highly functioning method of order. I get to the point where I’m such a Nazi about structure that I’ve been known to organize things right outta its place, anyone else guilty of that?

Trend Spotting | Floral Wallpaper

My love for large scale floral will never waiver. I’ve been known to install wall-to-wall (and sometimes ceiling!) clad coverings with the prettiest blooms and abstract buds that instantly transport you into a fantasy land far, far away.


Design 101 | How to Install a Gallery Wall

Hello hunnies and happy hump day! I recently sent a PB (public bulletin) on my FB asking friends and fans to send over some design inquiries relating to interior design. With Haute Khuuture’s 4 year anniversary on the horizon, there’ll be TONS of new series and blog topics mainly focusing around pro tips and tricks when designing and decorating your home. This one’s for the masses since I’m sure there’s many out there who have NO idea where to begin when installing a gallery wall. It’s really quite simple and here’s how you do it:

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