Scenes from My Sister's Wedding Weekend

I come from a long line of strong, fearless females. A matriarchal family run by the HBIC, my 80-year old "A Ma" Grandma who singularly raised a gang of 15+ children/stepchildren on her own after having been divorced, then widowed all before the ripe age of 42 in war-torn Vietnam.

Puerto Vallarta Photo Diary Part III

Happy Monday hunnies! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! My sister got married this past Saturday and while I'm still recovering from all the hoopla (and collating pix for the next post), here's the LAST little tidbits of my latest tropical escape to Puerto Vallarta…

Puerto Vallarta Photo Diary Part I

Finally back to reality and finding out how much tropical vacations really do take a toll on your mind and body. While city trips usually leave me feening for more culture and history, island excursions (however much they’re supposed to relax you) somehow seem more taxing.

Puerto Vallarta Bound!

Nothing like a tropical vacay that gets me dreaming of white sand beaches, warm ocean water, and ice cold beers by the bottle. This time next week I’ll be chillaxin’ in Puerto Vallarta, hopefully looking fresh to death rocking summer suits in graphic prints, crochet mesh, and maybe even a poncho or two while I’m at it. When in Mexico, right? 

Haute Khuuture on Instagram

Happy July luvahs!!! The heat’s been rising here in Haute Khuuture land with my birthday month in FULL EFFECT!!! Wooohoooooo!!! Finishing up a few major projects then I’m off to vacay my ass off in Mexico! Arriba, arriba!!! 

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