A Caramel Cocoa Christmas

It’s been absolute mayhem in my life as of late, what with the wedding only a few short weeks away. Which I’ve learned, is just the right amount of time for CRAZY to step in and call shotgun in the passenger seat.  What I realize is that through the midst of the chaos I can always ALWAYS count on these special ladies to get me through those tough times.

Food Porn Friday | Joyful House | Las Vegas

Happy Happy Friday hunny bunnies!!! 

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted some food porn up in here but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating up a storm!  More than I have been making time to post so here it comes hunnies! Buckle your belts dahlin’ we eatin’ some scrumptious greasy ooey gooey Chinese food today! Courtesy of one of my newest discoveries in Las Vegas- Joyful House Chinese Cuisine!

My Blooming Bridal Shower

Happy December my loves!!! It’s been a flurry of wedding festivities starting with my Vegas bachelorette party HERE, HERE, and HERE and the fun has been nonstop since!  My incredible sisters (1 blood/ 3 soon-to-be in laws) threw me the most outrageously beautiful bridal shower this past Sunday and I have been DYING to share all the gorgeous details with y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to my gorgeous readers! Thank you so much for following along my loves! If you’re a new visitor or have been following for years since I started blogging in 2010, your encouraging love and support has kept me going for almost 6 years! That’s just nutz!!

So BEYOND thankful for this blog that has introduced me to my AMAZING cyber family!  Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with bountiful food, festive celebrations, and an outpouring of LOVE wherever you are! 

Cheers hunnies!


My Bejeweled Bachelorette Bash Part I

Happy Monday hunnies! 
T-minus 2 friggin’ months until I get married!!! Holy moly where has the time gone??? It’s been pure mayhem trying to get this thing together, what with the holidays fast approaching and all my bridal duties well under way.  It was a much needed and much welcomed respite to spend last weekend livin’ it up with 31 of my BESTEST friends for my LAST bash before the crash! lol

Here’s how #JKBeJeweledBachBashLV went down in the city of Sin y’all!

Koh Samui Photo Diary | Full Moon Party

It’s been a crazy few days having just returned from my monster bachelorette bash in Vegas with my very BEST gal pals.  While we’re still collating pix from our girls gone wild weekend (over a thousand so please excuse the delay), here’s Part II of another epic adventure on the isles of Koh Pha-Ngan at Thailand's infamous Full Moon Party!

Food Porn Friday | Taste of Thailand | Bangkok Mall Eats

If you’d have told me that the best cheap eats in Bangkok were all located in a shopping mall, I’d probably have laughed in your face while recounting the last time I devoured a Hot Dog on a Stick and called it epicurean. Decadent?...Yes…Gourmet?  Don’t think so, buddy. Seriously, good grub from a shopping mall??? Say it ain’t so!

Taiwan Photo Diary | Taipei Night Markets

Taiwan is pretty notorious for having some of the BEST night markets in the world.  Even the Korean dramas that I follow can attest to that.  I first found out about Taiwan’s famous Shilin Night Market from an episode of Roommates when Korean pop stars spent an entire day exploring their 500+ stalls. A few short weeks later Anthony Bourdain did a Layover in Taipei featuring Shilin and I was instantly SOLD.  

Food Porn Friday | Taiwan Edition | Addiction Aquatic Development

Thank god my posse is comprised of a bunch of foodies
 You really can't survive on street food forever hunnies, no matter what my Taiwan posts might persuade you to believe, lol. I find it especially imperative that you travel with like-minded peeps, those who want to see what you see, eat what you eat, spend where you spend. It will make the entire trip wayyyy more efficient and enjoyable when precious time is spent together, exploring the culture and making memories in the meantime.

Taiwan Photo Diary | Taste of Taipei

{Made to order duck/ sausage/ egg breakfast burritos and sandwiches}

It has taken me exactly 9 days to FULLY recover from my Asia trip. Not quite sure if it’s vacation blues that’s lagging me down or the mere memory of the BEST.TRIP.EVER that’s keeping me up nights, but rest assured I’m back y’all! And with TONS of Taiwan > Thailand posts lined up all month long!

Let’s dig right in shall we?

On Instagram

Happy October hunnies!!!
I can’t believe summer just came and went in the blink of an eye. Seems like just yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday in July now here I am, freshly back from the BEST vacation ever, with a mountain of work piling up in the studio and I couldn’t be more excited to get back in the swing of things. If there’s ANYTHING that could possibly pull me out of designer’s block, it’s 2 weeks in Taiwan and Thailand with these crazies below.

Here’s a sneak peek of how it all went down dolls, straight from my IG feed!

Thailand Bound!

Happy Monday hunnies!
Please excuse the radio silence on the blog and all my social channels. I’ve been nursing this awful cold for the past week with SoCal’s temperamental weather changes. All of Orange County’s been acting up at the end of summer with spontaneous torrential downpour in the midst of 100+ degree weather, almost like we’re veering towards a very tropical transitional season, UNHEARD of in these parts!

Trend Spotting | Kitchens with Open Shelving

One of the first things I knew I wanted in our new midcentury home was an open kitchen. Open shelving, no upper cabinets, no standard island, just a free-flowing, free- organizing way to not only store functional items of dish and glassware but somewhere for me to affectionately display my personal objets d’art as well.

Scenes from Mimzee and Justin's Succulent Summer Wedding

The baby of our Skittles bunch is FINALLY hitched y’all! It was a celebratory event indeed with tables filled with beautifully whimsical succulent bouquets, blinged out crystal strands dripping from the walls, and gorgeous guests bathed in berry-hued uplights and at the center of it all:

Our gleeful groom and his blushing bride...

Food Porn Friday | Bestia | DTLA

Happy Happy Friday hunnies!! 
 It’s been a minute since we’ve had some haute Food Porn up in here and what better way to get your weekend started off right than with one of my FAVES: Bestia in Downtown LA! I remember this evening like it was yesterday. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it would mark the last night that we would spend in our LA apartment since losing it more than a month ago. As saddened as I am was about the loss, these images just prove that my sense memory would last a lifetime, especially when that sense is ALL about taste!

Birthday Bash Galore

It’s my birthday weeeeeeeeeek y’all!!!
It’s been some kind of CRAZY in my life as of late…Spent the last 3 weeks moving out of my LA apartment, out of my Santa Ana studio, and FINALLY FINALLY into my new Anaheim home!!!


Food Porn Friday | The North Left | DTSA

Happy Friday lovers!!! 
 I’ve been eating up a storm, shooting like a legitimate food blogger, but SO behind on my posts, it's like I'm an amateur, lol! I’ve got some INSANE #FPF posts coming in the next few weeks, pretty much all the heavy hitters that I’ve bookmarked for months, even years! Let’s start with a local favorite in Downtown Santa Ana, shall we?

#JKID Project {Sneak Peek} OPM Restaurant & Lounge

It’s been pretty manic in my life as of late. Just completed a 7-month design and install of my latest restaurant/lounge/bar/nightclub in Orange County and while we recently celebrated the Grand Opening just last weekend, I had prior commitments that took me to Vegas instead. Quickie 2-day jaunt and now I’m back and ready to put my baby on blast y’all!

On Instagram

Happy new month of June hunnies!!!
I can’t believe summer’s almost here which means my social card’s filling up FAST! It’s been birthday after birthday, one event right after another, sometimes double in a day, and we haven’t even gotten to my JKID project workload yet!

Black and Beige Glam

Happy Monday hunnies! 
 Hope everyone celebrated a fabulous Mother’s Day Weekend! Took all of last week off to catch up with work and the multiple checklists from wedding planning to renovations and while the tasks seem quite daunting, there’s nothing like chic interiors to inspire me right outta the rut.

Trend Spotting | Tulip Chairs

While Eero Saarinen’s mid-century tulip chairs are hardly “trendy” I’ve been seeing an insurgence of them in traditional settings with carved architectural detailing and tons of collected antiques.

Home Tour | Boho Luxe Living

Happy Monday my loves! 
 Now that I’m getting down to the demo and renovations of our new home, I’ve been scouring the web and my archives for light, bright spaces filled with collected antiques and weathered warm woods to contrast with the white.

Haute Khuuture Turns 5 Today!!!

It’s a partayyyyyy up in hurrrrrrrrr hunnies!!! 
 Can’t believe it’s been 5 whole years since I wrote my first post HERE. Boy, has she grown up to become a completely crazed lover of all things fabulous in fashion and design!

Ebisu Khuu

Rest in peace my darling angel. 
You have filled our days with love, happiness, sunshine and spirit. 
 The years spent nurturing you, smothering you, cradling you will never be forgotten. 
You are the hope that remains in our hearts and for that, we will always be grateful for the presence of your pure sweet soul.

Mommy, Daddy, Mochi, and Musubi love you forever.

The Proposal

Even though I’ve been writing this online diary for almost 5 years now (anniversary’s in April yikes!!) I consider myself a pretty private person. Detailing my sartorial journey along with interior design-related inspiration is one thing, but sharing anything personal about my relationship is another. You will hardly find any pictures of me and le fiancé on social media and it’s a rarity that he’d turn up on Haute Khuuture save for some special occasion shout-outs like his birthday or mine. I share such a huge portion of my life on the blog/FB/IG that my relationship felt too sacred to disclose on any level. Like it’s our little secret hidden behind the lens, safe from prying eyes (and mouths for that matter). 

But all that’s about to change y’all. Now that we’re ready to take on the world together, here’s introducing the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Bui

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