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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I get so swamped with the daily ins and outs of work that I rarely find the time to sit and collate all my custom goodies to share (and really show off, hehe) with y’all. It’s the curse of the constant designer and I’m making a public proclamation that from HERE ON OUT

You’ll be seeing LOTS more of all my interior projects on the blog (and Facebook and Instagram so follow HERE and HERE).

{ABOVE: My own custom pieces, scattered throughout my studio and LA apartment}

I really pour all my heart and soul into a project so what starts out as a basic stylistic concept: 
Glam! Hip! Romantic! Industrial! 
Always ends up being a one-of-a-kind custom design hand sketched/ drawn/ developed/ and sometimes even executed (gasp!) by me. 

  {ABOVE: A modern-glam home in Huntington Harbor that I've been developing for over 3 years, yikes! Will start sharing more progress this week}

Except of course the crazy upholstered pieces you see, which I must admit is by the hands of my vendors and professional fabricators. Can’t take ALL the credit ya know, but what you see is 100% based on what my brain manifests and what my vendors build-out.

{ABOVE: Some of my FAVE pieces I've ever designed, specifically for a tattoo studio in downtown Pomona. The client is a crazy talented artist who appreciates custom work as much a I do! A dream collabo, more on that next week!}

So why hire a designer?
We understand what you want even before you know you want it, honey!

Guaranteed or your money back ;D


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  1. I can't wait to move into my personal space .. I already know where I'm coming for ideas! *PS Happy New Year Beauty. xo

  2. Oh this is so cool!! I love looking at before and afters!


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