Ebisu Khuu

Rest in peace my darling angel. 
You have filled our days with love, happiness, sunshine and spirit. 
 The years spent nurturing you, smothering you, cradling you will never be forgotten. 
You are the hope that remains in our hearts and for that, we will always be grateful for the presence of your pure sweet soul.

Mommy, Daddy, Mochi, and Musubi love you forever.

The Proposal

Even though I’ve been writing this online diary for almost 5 years now (anniversary’s in April yikes!!) I consider myself a pretty private person. Detailing my sartorial journey along with interior design-related inspiration is one thing, but sharing anything personal about my relationship is another. You will hardly find any pictures of me and le fiancé on social media and it’s a rarity that he’d turn up on Haute Khuuture save for some special occasion shout-outs like his birthday or mine. I share such a huge portion of my life on the blog/FB/IG that my relationship felt too sacred to disclose on any level. Like it’s our little secret hidden behind the lens, safe from prying eyes (and mouths for that matter). 

But all that’s about to change y’all. Now that we’re ready to take on the world together, here’s introducing the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Bui

Trend Spotting | Weathered Walls

Having grown up in West Coast suburbia all my life, I’ve been surrounded by one cookie-cutter housing development after another. Don’t get me wrong, new homes are great for the average consumer who prefers turnkey properties without the added stress of month, sometimes year-long renovations; but for this designer, the thrill of a new home has everything to do with how much time and effort you put into really making it yours.

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