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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Snippets of my life as of late…

My latest nightclub/ bar concept fresh off the grand opening and finally catching some steam here in Orange County. So proud of my baby but it really is onto the next!...

I never really have a moment to just sit and reflect...
For my 35th birthday with all my girls I did JUST that!
And of course party party party in between all the down time, lol

Also got a chance to celebrate my girl's bachelorette bash with my babes below...
Nothing like a good ol' trip to Vegas to inspire my next design!

And of course can't forget all the crazy FOOD PORN!!!
Always a crowd favorite ;D

And then there's my house...
It's been exactly 1 month since we moved in and I'm happy to report...
Renovations are (almost) DUNZO! wOOoOoOO HooOoooOOOooo!!!!!

I mean the closet's all completed, what more do I need right?! lol 
Catch all the latest in Design, Decor, Food, and my life luvahs! 

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  1. Wow those colourful floating lanterns are marvellous!


  2. Awesome shots! Happy belated birthday! And congrats on your new home, it looks amazing!!

  3. Looks like you're having a blast! :) And I always appreciate the food pictures! :)

    xo Denysia Yu
    That L.A. it Girl


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