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Happy Friday lovers!!! 
 I’ve been eating up a storm, shooting like a legitimate food blogger, but SO behind on my posts, it's like I'm an amateur, lol! I’ve got some INSANE #FPF posts coming in the next few weeks, pretty much all the heavy hitters that I’ve bookmarked for months, even years! Let’s start with a local favorite in Downtown Santa Ana, shall we?

#JKID Project {Sneak Peek} OPM Restaurant & Lounge

It’s been pretty manic in my life as of late. Just completed a 7-month design and install of my latest restaurant/lounge/bar/nightclub in Orange County and while we recently celebrated the Grand Opening just last weekend, I had prior commitments that took me to Vegas instead. Quickie 2-day jaunt and now I’m back and ready to put my baby on blast y’all!

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Happy new month of June hunnies!!!
I can’t believe summer’s almost here which means my social card’s filling up FAST! It’s been birthday after birthday, one event right after another, sometimes double in a day, and we haven’t even gotten to my JKID project workload yet!

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