Food Porn Friday | Taste of Thailand | Bangkok Mall Eats

If you’d have told me that the best cheap eats in Bangkok were all located in a shopping mall, I’d probably have laughed in your face while recounting the last time I devoured a Hot Dog on a Stick and called it epicurean. Decadent?...Yes…Gourmet?  Don’t think so, buddy. Seriously, good grub from a shopping mall??? Say it ain’t so!

Taiwan Photo Diary | Taipei Night Markets

Taiwan is pretty notorious for having some of the BEST night markets in the world.  Even the Korean dramas that I follow can attest to that.  I first found out about Taiwan’s famous Shilin Night Market from an episode of Roommates when Korean pop stars spent an entire day exploring their 500+ stalls. A few short weeks later Anthony Bourdain did a Layover in Taipei featuring Shilin and I was instantly SOLD.  

Food Porn Friday | Taiwan Edition | Addiction Aquatic Development

Thank god my posse is comprised of a bunch of foodies
 You really can't survive on street food forever hunnies, no matter what my Taiwan posts might persuade you to believe, lol. I find it especially imperative that you travel with like-minded peeps, those who want to see what you see, eat what you eat, spend where you spend. It will make the entire trip wayyyy more efficient and enjoyable when precious time is spent together, exploring the culture and making memories in the meantime.

Taiwan Photo Diary | Taste of Taipei

{Made to order duck/ sausage/ egg breakfast burritos and sandwiches}

It has taken me exactly 9 days to FULLY recover from my Asia trip. Not quite sure if it’s vacation blues that’s lagging me down or the mere memory of the BEST.TRIP.EVER that’s keeping me up nights, but rest assured I’m back y’all! And with TONS of Taiwan > Thailand posts lined up all month long!

Let’s dig right in shall we?

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Happy October hunnies!!!
I can’t believe summer just came and went in the blink of an eye. Seems like just yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday in July now here I am, freshly back from the BEST vacation ever, with a mountain of work piling up in the studio and I couldn’t be more excited to get back in the swing of things. If there’s ANYTHING that could possibly pull me out of designer’s block, it’s 2 weeks in Taiwan and Thailand with these crazies below.

Here’s a sneak peek of how it all went down dolls, straight from my IG feed!

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