Dream in Color

It’s a well-known fact that wearing color can enhance your daily moods.  
I’ve never been the girl with a monochrome closet preferring various shades of blacks and greys and nudes to dictate my #ootds.  The same can be said about my interior design style; I much prefer print on print, bold hues, and dramatic tints to inspire my thoughts and actions. 

How Date Nights Help Your Relationship

Le hubs and I haven’t even been married for one year yet and we’re already finding fitting in date nights quite the challenge.  Especially during the holiday season when my social calendar is filled to the brim and doesn’t let up until well after New Year’s.  Which is why, 12 years into this relationship, I make it a priority to schedule these dates like any other appointment I’ve got in the books.  Sure it may take the spontaneity out of our partnership, but when you’re this far along, we’ll take what we can get hunnies!

How I Got My Groove Back

We’ve all been there… Feeling pretty shitty about work, life, family, friends, obligations, responsibilities yada, yada, yada… Like we’re spiraling downwards in slow motion and nothing to grasp onto but more negativity and the misery that ensues.  I can honestly say I get this way EXACTLY twice a year. 

Blue Velvet Dreams

I absolutely LOVE this time of year. 
When the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the nights just long enough to become my own nocturnal wonderland.  Where thoughts become ideas, ideas spring into action, and action creates the content you see here. 

Fringe Fest


The sweater fest continues with one of my fave brands for fabulous boho style: Free PeopleIt’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of their aesthetic forever, there’s always something so fresh about their apparel.

Sweater Weather

Happy Monday my loves! 
I’ve been stocking up on sweaters and shooting up a storm!  We’re experiencing a bit of an Indian summer here in SoCal but with temperatures dropping this week I’m FINALLY getting in the knitty gritty!

Menton & Monaco Travel Diary | French Riviera

So many gorgeous day trips on the French Riviera it’s so hard to decide where to go especially when you’ve only got 5 days to do so!  I first found out about Menton (the Italianate-French town bordering both countries) from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list that had just dropped a week before our trip.  Mirazur ranked at an impressive No.6 on the list so I bookmarked that baby right quick and knew we MUST make a cameo in Menton if only for the cuisine!  

Food Porn Friday | Chateau Eza | French Riviera

There’s nothing quite like dining in the sky.  One meal at the famed Chateau Eza restaurant in Èze Village and you’ll be spoiled for life my loves.  We spent a glorious lunch at the 400-year-old luxury chateau overlooking the French Riviera and left with bellies satiated and our head in the clouds.  Previously the Prince of Sweden’s private residence, we seriously felt like we were floating around in his opulent castle after this luxurious meal.

Èze Travel Diary | French Riviera

While the French Riviera is filled with ahhmazing views, perfectly lukewarm climate, and complete lush vegetation, I can arguably admit that the small town of Èze trumps them ALL!  (With St. Paul de Vence coming in a close second) At the height of the most monumental cliff on the Cote d’Azur, you can spot Èze Village and its terra cotta colored tiled roofs, the steep rocky paths, and the allure of a quaint Provincial town a mile away.

Food Porn Friday | La Colombe d'Or | St.Paul de Vence

A day trip to St. Paul de Vence is an absolute MUST when visiting the French Riviera.  Where else can you be instantly transported from the luxurious sun-soaked coastal beaches of Cote d’Azur right into the heart of the most scenic light-filled countryside all within 30 minutes time?  Perched high upon the hills of the Alps-Maritime region, St. Paul de Vence has been a safe haven for the ultra-rich and famous who flock to the medieval destination to relax, unwind, and spend long languid afternoons under the Provençale sun.  And when lunchtime rolls around, there’s no better place to see and be seen than La Colombe D’or, a historical hotel/ restaurant that has been around since the Roaring 20’s.

St. Paul de Vence Travel Diary | French Riviera

One of the best things about the French Riviera is its close proximity to the Provencale countryside.  Where sea breezes brush inland and wafts through the entire coast enveloping the region with the utmost air of luxury and refinement.  The medieval village of St. Paul de Vence sits high upon the hilltop in the Provence-Alps-Maritime region, a quick 40 minute drive north of the Riviera. 

Food Porn Friday | Nice Edition | French Riviera

I was absolutely thrilled to find that Nice had SO many Michelin Star Chefs serving up some of the tastiest cuisine in the French Riviera. Not that I need to hunt down every $$$ establishment like a total food snob but I allowed us 1 fancy meal per day.  Café Lattes and a croissant for breakfast, a salad or sandwich for lunch, then splurge on dinner so we don’t break the bank while on vacay.

Nice Travel Diary | French Riviera

When le hubs and I were discussing potential honeymoon destinations we broke it down with the following MUST HAVES in mind:

1. FOOD, particularly French, duh!
2. BEACH… Since we went during summer, I knew I wanted to relax and tan with a gorgeous view in mind. You guys know that I don’t prefer tropical vacations as much as I do city ones, so we definitely compromised to get a bit of both.
3. CULTURE.  History, monuments, old world European anything and I’m on board y’all!

Alas we finalized our destinations and spent the first leg of our honeymoon on the fabulous French Riviera.  First stop: Nice!

#JKID Event Design | Golden 50th Japanese Glam Birthday

We began my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday celebration in Europe just last month and ended it with an all-out Japanese themed BANG back in the states.  What started out as an intimate gathering for a few of his bestest friends quickly turned into a crazy rager that lasted through the wee hours of the morn!  Man these guys sure can partayyyy!!!  Peep out my latest event design below…

Food Porn Friday | The Paris Edition | Part I

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on my TOP PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE guys! 
I really made an effort to only highlight the destinations I have personally visited myself or else this list would have gone on and on and on with all the sights I hope to visit one day (maybe a future post??).  But what travel guide would be complete without all the food porn?!?!?!  
Here’s Part I of my 2-part FPF series for Pareeeeeee…

TOP Paris Travel Guide

Having visited Paris a total of 3 times in the last 17 years, I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a resident expert; however there’s plenty of haute spots I make sure NOT TO MISS with every return.  What to see, where to stay, where to shop, and of course all the nommy eats from breakfast through dinner and the veritable snacking in between!  

Paris Je T'aime

Happy 1st day of August hunnies!  
Hope y’all are beating the sweltering heat in style!  
We took these shots on our last full honeymoon day in Paris at Le Palais Royal.

Paris Travel Diary | Part I

It’s been the BEST birthday month ever having just returned from our luxuriously decadent 15-day honeymoon just last week! We spent the first leg of our trip in the picturesque French Riviera, followed by 5 days in Amsterdam, and finally ended in my absolute FAVE city in the world… Paris!

Vacation Vibes

Happy 1st Day of Summer y’all!
So excited to announce that we’re leaving for our honeymoon this weekend woOoHoOoo!!!

It’s only taken us a mere 6 months after getting hitched back in January to plan this vacation and while I toyed with tropical locales (for him), cultural foodie destinations (for me), we finally settled on the best of both worlds… Europe here we come!

Food Porn Friday | The Strand House | Manhattan Beach

Happy Friday luvahs!!!  
It’s been birthday after birthday, gathering with my girls and eating up a storm all over SoCal.  I love that we make an effort to not only celebrate in style, but to find new and notable restaurants with a little more to them than just fine dining.  Caitlin’s birthday took us down to the Strand House in Manhattan Beach, where libations overflowed into beautiful ocean views and dinner took us right into after hours dancing. 
Here’s what’s on the menu today:

Trend Spotting | Tropical Palm Prints

Having been raised in Southern California since I was 5 years old, I’ve grown quite accustomed to seeing towering palm trees every which way I turn.  So it was no surprise that my entire courtyard, literally covered in miniature palms, completely sold the house for me.  Something about the rich vibrant color and organic shapes of the oversized leaves just screams retro glamour!

How to Custom Design Your Wedding Invitations

Happy Wedding Wednesdays y’all!
I spent countless hours scouring the web for invitation inspiration and once I stumbled upon gold-foil pressed cardstocks, I knew it was EXACTLY what I was after!  So elegant and just the perfect amount of GLAM to fit our wedding style!  But these things don’t come cheap honey.  Here’s how you can save a pretty penny by doing it ALL yourself!  Minus the printing part of course…

Trend Spotting | Pastel Pretty

Happy Easter weekend everyone!
Hope you’re all celebrating in style, donning candy colored frocks and rocking out with the biggest, baddest bonnet west of the Mississippi! BUT in case you’re home and simply singing the periwinkle blues with no plans just yet, peep out my pick for home tour of the week!

#JKID Event {Sneak Peek} Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade Dinner

It’s that time of year again guys! 
Our 5th Annual Chef’s Bet Dinner Party is upon us!! I had the absolute pleasure of hosting our private dinner this year at Casa BuiKhuu just last Saturday. Decked the entire home out with a black tie formal garden masquerade theme and I gotta admit, it turned out even more incredible than I had initially envisioned!

#JKID Project | Modern Glam Bedroom

I’ve been working like a madwoman, putting the finishing touches on Casa Hacienda, a 5,000sf custom home perched high atop the hills that is easily 3 years+ in the making.  While design is never done, peep out the progress shots from the first level guest suite, a bedroom so dreamy and romantic I wish it were my own!

New Home Inspiration

Happy March my loves! 
It’s been exactly 1 year since we purchased our first home and as I’m preparing to show you our completely renovated space in the next coming weeks, I’d like to start off with a house that inspired our redesign time and time again.

The First 4 Things You MUST Decide When Planning Your Wedding

Happy HumpDay luvahs!
As everyone knows, planning your own wedding can quite possibly be the most daunting task you’ve attempted up to date. With a mountain of checklists, decisions must be made before leaping onto the next so I’m breaking down the TOP 4 things you MUST decide before doing just about anything else! You knock this list out first and the rest will be easy peasy! Minus the part where your families swoop in and try to have a say, lol. (It’s TRUE so be prepurred!)

How to Hire the Right Photographer

Happy Wedding Wednesdays y’all!

So excited for the very FIRST installment of our new series here on the blog. I had every intent of starting when I was planning the wedding late last year but as every bride (or bride-to-be) knows, wedding planning sucks the life out of you, there’s no time for ANYTHING let alone blogging about it. So now that I’m newly wed and still fresh on post wedding high I’ll be detailing EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about planning your own wedding!

Food Porn Friday | Gaggan | Bangkok

TGIF hunnies! 
 Since it’s the first Food Porn Friday of 2016, I really wanted to make it quite exceptional with a special Thailand Edition post! It’s back to Bangkok we go with Gaggan, chef Gaggan Anand’s namesake Michelin star-rated fine dining establishment featuring progressive Indian fare set in a former 19th century colonial townhouse.

2015 | Year in Review

Happy New Year hunnies!!!

Can you believe we're already in a brand new year and it’s taken me all but 3 weeks to catch up?!! 2015 really whizzed on by as my personal life took front stage and center and everything else fell by the wayside...

As I typically start my first post with a Year in Review here are all the amazing highlights leading up to my dream winter wedding just last week!

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