The First 4 Things You MUST Decide When Planning Your Wedding

Happy HumpDay luvahs!
As everyone knows, planning your own wedding can quite possibly be the most daunting task you’ve attempted up to date. With a mountain of checklists, decisions must be made before leaping onto the next so I’m breaking down the TOP 4 things you MUST decide before doing just about anything else! You knock this list out first and the rest will be easy peasy! Minus the part where your families swoop in and try to have a say, lol. (It’s TRUE so be prepurred!)

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Happy Wedding Wednesdays y’all!

So excited for the very FIRST installment of our new series here on the blog. I had every intent of starting when I was planning the wedding late last year but as every bride (or bride-to-be) knows, wedding planning sucks the life out of you, there’s no time for ANYTHING let alone blogging about it. So now that I’m newly wed and still fresh on post wedding high I’ll be detailing EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about planning your own wedding!

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