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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dorothy Draper’s Espana chests have been high on my hitlist since interning for Kelly Wearstler back in my trade school days.  Both designers feature aesthetics from the Hollywood Regency era, full of fanciful flourishes and tons of gilded gold accents, much of where I started to develop my modern glam style today.

One of the best aspects of these decorative dressers is that they can transcend eras and styles, making them an easy choice for professionals since they pretty much go with everything.


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From color-washed interiors with rich walls to pale and pretty bedrooms, use these chests as nightstands, hallway accents, or pair them up for double the appeal.


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My bedroom featuring Dorothy Draper-style Espana Chest reproductions scored from Craigslist
Used at nightstands, I love the ample storage space! Perfect for all my nighttime magazine reading

No matter how you style them, these iconic Espana chests make fabulous focal points so don’t skimp on the accessories y’all!  
Think bold, think gold, and always, always think GLAM!


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