Menton & Monaco Travel Diary | French Riviera

So many gorgeous day trips on the French Riviera it’s so hard to decide where to go especially when you’ve only got 5 days to do so!  I first found out about Menton (the Italianate-French town bordering both countries) from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list that had just dropped a week before our trip.  Mirazur ranked at an impressive No.6 on the list so I bookmarked that baby right quick and knew we MUST make a cameo in Menton if only for the cuisine!  

Food Porn Friday | Chateau Eza | French Riviera

There’s nothing quite like dining in the sky.  One meal at the famed Chateau Eza restaurant in Èze Village and you’ll be spoiled for life my loves.  We spent a glorious lunch at the 400-year-old luxury chateau overlooking the French Riviera and left with bellies satiated and our head in the clouds.  Previously the Prince of Sweden’s private residence, we seriously felt like we were floating around in his opulent castle after this luxurious meal.

Èze Travel Diary | French Riviera

While the French Riviera is filled with ahhmazing views, perfectly lukewarm climate, and complete lush vegetation, I can arguably admit that the small town of Èze trumps them ALL!  (With St. Paul de Vence coming in a close second) At the height of the most monumental cliff on the Cote d’Azur, you can spot Èze Village and its terra cotta colored tiled roofs, the steep rocky paths, and the allure of a quaint Provincial town a mile away.

Food Porn Friday | La Colombe d'Or | St.Paul de Vence

A day trip to St. Paul de Vence is an absolute MUST when visiting the French Riviera.  Where else can you be instantly transported from the luxurious sun-soaked coastal beaches of Cote d’Azur right into the heart of the most scenic light-filled countryside all within 30 minutes time?  Perched high upon the hills of the Alps-Maritime region, St. Paul de Vence has been a safe haven for the ultra-rich and famous who flock to the medieval destination to relax, unwind, and spend long languid afternoons under the Provençale sun.  And when lunchtime rolls around, there’s no better place to see and be seen than La Colombe D’or, a historical hotel/ restaurant that has been around since the Roaring 20’s.

St. Paul de Vence Travel Diary | French Riviera

One of the best things about the French Riviera is its close proximity to the Provencale countryside.  Where sea breezes brush inland and wafts through the entire coast enveloping the region with the utmost air of luxury and refinement.  The medieval village of St. Paul de Vence sits high upon the hilltop in the Provence-Alps-Maritime region, a quick 40 minute drive north of the Riviera. 

Food Porn Friday | Nice Edition | French Riviera

I was absolutely thrilled to find that Nice had SO many Michelin Star Chefs serving up some of the tastiest cuisine in the French Riviera. Not that I need to hunt down every $$$ establishment like a total food snob but I allowed us 1 fancy meal per day.  Café Lattes and a croissant for breakfast, a salad or sandwich for lunch, then splurge on dinner so we don’t break the bank while on vacay.

Nice Travel Diary | French Riviera

When le hubs and I were discussing potential honeymoon destinations we broke it down with the following MUST HAVES in mind:

1. FOOD, particularly French, duh!
2. BEACH… Since we went during summer, I knew I wanted to relax and tan with a gorgeous view in mind. You guys know that I don’t prefer tropical vacations as much as I do city ones, so we definitely compromised to get a bit of both.
3. CULTURE.  History, monuments, old world European anything and I’m on board y’all!

Alas we finalized our destinations and spent the first leg of our honeymoon on the fabulous French Riviera.  First stop: Nice!

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