Why Comparing Yourself to Others is (Actually) a Good Thing

You know you do it.

Every time you spy another with great hair, killer style, luxury handbags, always traveling, hitting up the coolest spots, surrounded by fabulous people with a hot career that’s well on the rise… Admit it. You’re a little jealous. Green-eyed even. Lusting after what you don’t have and wishing, wanting what others seem to radiate.

I’m here to tell you those envious emotions are actually reactive blessings in disguise.
Don’t believe me?  Here’s how I know…

Food Porn Friday | n/naka | LA


Happy Friday guys and dolls!! 
We’re back with a brand new edition of Food Porn Friday! 
I know you guys have been hounding me on Facebook and the blog but we haven’t gone anywhere! Just been on a little hiatus to bring you fresh new content!  

First up- the hautest ticket in town: n/naka in Culver City!

How to Build Your Wardrobe with Basics

Happy Monday lovers! 
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!! Any fun plans in the works?  
Le hubs and I got an early start to Valentine’s weekend having celebrated last Saturday to beat the crowds.  We started date night with a quickie shopping sesh at South Coast Plaza and ended with a bomb ass sushi dinner at Hamamori (Food Porn Friday coming back soon)! 
Shopping >> Sushi >> Sake
That man sure does know the way to my heart! haha

How to Stay Positive

You never really have any control over your life, even as much as you’d like to think you do.  Coming from a completely OCD mindset, that’s a tough pill to swallow especially for those Type A personalities like myself.  Just when you think you have it all together, the universe drop kicks you right in the jaw and karate chops your neck just for effect.

Seriously. How are you ever going to recover?

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