How to Build Your Wardrobe with Basics

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Monday lovers! 
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!! Any fun plans in the works?  
Le hubs and I got an early start to Valentine’s weekend having celebrated last Saturday to beat the crowds.  We started date night with a quickie shopping sesh at South Coast Plaza and ended with a bomb ass sushi dinner at Hamamori (Food Porn Friday coming back soon)! 
Shopping >> Sushi >> Sake
That man sure does know the way to my heart! haha

Keeping It Simple

As indicated from my previous post HERE, personal issues have been stressing me out!  I always try to stay positive and keeping things simple is a surefire way to achieve that purpose.  Hard times call for stress-free certainties.  More often than not, I just don’t have the time to dilly dally over my daily looks and all the accessories that make the ensemble.  Instead, I bank a collection of stylish outfits that I can easily turn to when I’m in a hurry and just don’t want to think. 

Knowing What Works

One person’s “basic” does not equal another’s, obvi.  I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now (anniversary’s coming up this April!) and have been dressing up since I could barely crawl y’all.  I would like to think 36 years into it, my fashion game is at its peak! Hahah And if not, at least I have some idea of what works and what doesn’t by now.  Knowing what works for you and your body type is crucial to building your dream wardrobe. 

Breaking down the Basics

Before you start spending obscene amounts on that perfect statement coat or your fantasy Louboutins, first assess your closet and isolate the items you have duplicates of.  Those items are clearly “your basics.”  You have a bunch of ‘em:  Same style, different color, different cut, maybe even a cool detail that differentiates it from the next, but they’re virtually very similar.  You get the idea.  

Because my basics have better CPW (cost per wear) than my luxury items, I’d rather spend on styles I wear most often than statements that I’d only wear once a season. But of course, like every other raging shopaholic seduced by the latest fashion spreads, I do allow myself an indulgence (like this beauty HERE) every now and then.

Building the Look

Step 1:  Set 2 piles of basics aside: Tops and bottoms
 Step 2:  Pick a top, pair it with a bottom
Step 3:  Repeat until you’re out of unique combinations

Chances are, you can assemble an entire fool-proof wardrobe with this method and a simple change of accessories.  You’re on your way to styling like a pro guys!

My Go-To Uniforms

Ensemble 1:  Flared denim never fails!

I can rock my highest heels and hide the fact that I’m only 5’-1” lol.  The look elongates my petite frame making me appear the coveted height I’ve always dreamed of.  A sexy long-sleeved basic top layered with my favorite casual cardigan and we’re primed for date night y’all.
Sunnies: Tom Ford



Ensemble 2:  Chunky knits for the win!

SoCal is having quite the winter this season.  Which I’m actually lalalalLOVING ‘cuz that means I can bust out the oversized chunky sweaters for at least another month or two.  This knit from Romwe has all the essentials I die for: Dusty pink perfection in the softest, sweetest silhouette.  Of course for little ol’ me, one-size-fits-all tends to overwhelm; but when cinched with a cute belt, the look becomes super sexy and far from frumpy as a result! Finish with my trusty basic distressed denim jeans, nude colored pumps, and BAM! Another uniform primed and ready for the books babes!

Shoes: Shoemint (old, similar HERE and HERE)
Belt: Vintage


Ensemble 3:  Off the Shoulder is here to STAY!

I lounged in this outfit with Musubi all day long.  Make Me Chic sure does make the coziest, warmest knits everrrrr.  Super soft and of course, totally on trend.  I spied NYFW’s runway looks and all the designers are still showing off the shoulder tops for Fall as well.  Sweaters have been my basic staple all winter long but having a few in sexy off shoulder styles help to transition the look right into spring.

Sweater: c/o Make Me Chic
Bottom: Vigoss

What are your go-to/ no fail uniform looks?  
Always on the lookout for fresh new ideas! 
Who knows, I might just steal your basics and add them to my collection!  

Thanks in advance my loves! ;D


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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by miaFebruary 13, 2017 10:33 PM

    Love all the looks presented ... all the staple and basic pieces are a must have for any wardrobe. And Happy 7th Blogging Anniversary too. That's a fabulous milestone! :)

    Happy St. Valentine's Day to you and your love one Mademoiselle Julie!

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. Love this post! And you look so so pretty in all the outfits :)

    1. Thanks Paula- basics make for easy breezy decisions ;)

  3. Loving how you styled these looks! So cute!

    xo, Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jen! It's easy when you've got your basics down!

  4. Love all of your looks, so gorgeous!

  5. I love how luxe you make these basic pieces look! They are all so perfectly styled.

    xx, Amy

    1. Thank you Amy! Been trying to build my wardrobe with more basics for mixing and matching

  6. Such great tips! I always gravitate to basics too! Also, your pup is adorable!


    1. Thanks Tina! Need to shoot Musubi more- she loves the camera!

  7. You can rock the chunky sweaters and ripped jeans really well girl. Love these dreamy photos.

    1. Thank you mama! They've become my go-to's lately

  8. LOVED your basics! Definitely taking some of this advices :) thanks for sharing!

    mind checking my blog?

    have a nice day!

    1. Thanks for the visit Flor! Will do, happy Friday!

  9. I love your jumpers and your style, very interesting article

    1. Thanks for the visit and feedback, have a great weekend babe!

  10. Great ideas for building your wardrobe. My uniform is jeans and a t-shirt. I love these looks and hope you do this again for the spring season (when the knit sweater starts getting too warm). Thanks for sharing!

    City Style and Living The Editors Notebook | Instagram

    1. Ah still loving my knits but totally ready for spring! Thanks for the visit babe!


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