How to Style Embroidered Pieces for Summer

Embroidery was such a huge trend for spring I’m loving that my favorite brands are taking the cue and bringing this bohemian detail right into summer.  If you haven’t snagged a cool top or skirt with a bit of embroidery you’re missing out!  Equal parts casual yet classy, look for pieces with quality needlework as opposed to patchwork that’s simply glued on. 

Japan Travel Diary

Japan has been on our travel hit list for as long as I can remember.
Le hubs grew up watching Godzilla while I was hooked on anime (remember Ranma ½ anyone?).  Booking our trip during spring was a no-brainer since cherry blossom viewing was a HIGH priority, followed by the temples, shrines, ramen, sushi, street food, oman the list goes on and on! 

Here’s highlights of how it all went down…(Picture heavy post ahead guys)

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