In less than 24 hours I’ll be lying poolside at the Encore cabanas, sippin’ on some bubbly and soakin’ in the rays.

I’ll melt into the sun-drenched lounger as my responsibilities get drowned out by the booty shaking beats heard thumping in the distance…My freshly exfoliated skin will be moisturized from the warm fragrance-infused air wafting all around me…Bikini-clad, half-naked Adonises will be serving me frozen seedless grapes while subjecting to my every whim (but only because it’s comped ;P)…Viva Las Vegas indeed.
Every SoCal transient has a different agenda in Vegas. Some live to gamble, some devour the cuisine, some follow the entertainment, some explore the shopping, some relax by golfing…We come to party 😀 It’s a lifestyle, this partying. What most outsiders don’t know is that OC partying is an art form in some parts.
In my neck of the woods, it starts with a survey of the hippest joints on the strip, namely those that have opened in order of recency. We then break it down to our nightly hotspots, saving the best for last. We’d have been shopping for weeks to find that perfect outfit, equal parts stunning and seductive, to not only guarantee our access past the commuter lines and into the VIP, but to help garner us that much needed confidence and sex appeal to last throughout the night’s escapades…(see Jersey Shore’s Guido guide to going out)
If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you’ll look even better next to all the dramatically, jaw-droppingly, impressive nightclub designs Vegas has to offer. Heaven awaits kiddos- I’ll be blissfully blogging from the desert, hopefully this time tomorrow, intoxicated.

Noteworthy Nightclub Designs

Lavo @ Palazzo


Vanity at Hard Rock

(for the shear absurdity of its disparate design elements…even nightclub design needs a sense of humor)

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